Wedding Abaya

Salma, one of my dear readers, requested some bridal abayas. Although I would reccomend you to get your wedding abaya tailor made, here’s what I found around the net;

How I want this abaya from Arabian Nites. It’s not made for weddings especially, but looks beautiful and can be ordered in any color.

These beautiful bridal abayas are from al Sundus. I love the first one!

These abayas are from Islamic Boutique, Lebaas and Al Hijaab. The one in the middle from Lebaas is my favorite here.

From, two gorgeous gowns (or abayas). I love the 1st one, although I don’t think it’s very much an abaya.

These two from Al Yashmac are not really for weddings, but I’m sure you can use them for inspiration.

Which one do you like the most? Would you wear a normal white dress or an abaya? Or something different? What do you think is the best match for hijab?

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11 thoughts on “Wedding Abaya

  1. Habayeb says:

    i love the 1st one from for my wedding insha’allah I did think of wearing a white turkish gown however after seeing those “malaysian” colorful gowns i changed my mind! who knows after u post many more wedding attires in the future insha’allah i may change my mind again 😛 but yeah for the hanna party i cud wear a pretty jalabiya and for waleema one of those white gowns. lol big dreams eh!

  2. Kholod says:

    A beautifully colored and embroidered abaya or galabiya ( maybe pink, wine red or turquoise) fits more for katb ktab. I would wear a white wedding dress for my wedding day.


  3. mariam81 says:

    I just wore a regular wedding dress for my wedding and had a cape with a hood on it. But these are great styles if you’re not going to have a seperate wedding where you can take your hijab off. And they’re more “ethnic” which is a great break from traditional white 🙂
    I like the bottom right silver/red one.. very nice.

  4. INAL says:

    The Arabian Nites site reminds me of the abaya store featured on the video about the designer Rabia Z…not as much bling-but I had been wondering if getting new abayas would mean a trip- now I can get them on line- thanks Basbousa you may have just saved me a bunch of mula and a fierce jet lag! 🙂

    Wait!! Maybe I spoke to soon…no price tags, oy! I know what that means in my town! ;(

  5. salma says:

    OMG…shukran for this…I had given up. Glad you found these. My husband is still in Mid East so he can pick up something cheaper there (well cheaper than I get them here in Canada) and better quality from what I have seen so far.
    The first one is great.

    Thanks so much.

  6. najmah says:

    i love the rose one inshallah if i get maried thats what i would like with some pink tones dusky pink ahhh inshalllh i shall find mrright allah bless you

  7. Sister says:

    sister, im sure the jilbaab on the right in picture:

    These beautiful bridal abayas are from al Sundus. I love the first one!

    is from
    wait, yes it is:

  8. ZarahB says:

    Waw… I would love to buy ” lebaas ” abayas….they have 5* collection..!!!

  9. Leila says:

    Asalaamu alaikum sister.

    Just passing through and thought I would clear up that the pics second to the bottom where you said you don’t think it’s much of an abaya, it’s actually a traditional Vietnamese wedding suit. And most of the traditional Vietnamese close look that way also. 🙂

    Walaikum asalaam 🙂

  10. yakub says:


  11. Phuong Anh says:

    Hey, the second one from the bottom, let’s look at the left picture, that is Vietnamese traditional wedding dress !!! I can realize this because I’m Vietnamese….

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