Hijab wearing actress Hanan Tork

Here is a recent interview with Egyptian actress Hanan Tork, where she talks about everything from charity work to her decision on wearing hijab;

The Muslim News caught up with the 33 year-old at an Islamic Relief (IR) fundraiser for Palestinian children in London on August 6; there the former ballerina spoke candidly about why she decided to become a global ambassador for the charity, her decision to wear the hijab (headscarf) and the after effects of that choice.
Speaking passionately about her year long work with IR, the Greek born star said, “The reason I chose Islamic Relief is quite simple: they are apolitical; by that I mean they do not have an ulterior agenda. Something you can’t say about all charities. For them creed, race, ethnicity and nationality are not an issue.”
For Tork who “hopes to be a role model for practising Muslims”, celebrity charity work must go beyond the cliché photo-ops and stand for more than just a PR exercise. “More artists from the Middle East are associating themselves with charities because the arts world is not disconnected from society; therefore, it must reflect the society it exists in. The Muslim world is going through many hardships and so it’s important to select ambassadors that represent those societies. If the art world fails to represent those concerns then it fails as a medium of communication,” she says, adding, “Islamic Relief opened so many doors for me, exposed me to realities. Through them I went to Darfur and visited refugee camps, I went to their offices in Khartoum. Without Islamic Relief I would not have been able to highlight the hardships in Gaza, the closing of the borders, check-points and the lack of facilities and necessities in that part of the world which is always in the news but rarely accurately. They made it easier for me to go to regions that I would undoubtedly have been unable to visit by myself.” Read the full story here.

Not only is she doing good, she has got style too!

What do you think about Hanan Tork???

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17 thoughts on “Hijab wearing actress Hanan Tork

  1. Sharshura says:

    I think she’s great!! Honestly, I don’t watch any arabic movies so I really never knew who she was before. But it is still exciting to see the world changing to except more hijabis espeically in the entertainment field. It will be interesting to see which roll she will pick. OOOO on another note I really like her in the light blue and white pick. ;~)

  2. shum says:

    i know this is a bit random, and beyond the topic discussed here…but i really thought it was in-appropiate what she wears> top right. Of course i appreciate her work though

  3. Kholod says:

    I adore her! Great actress and a woman with style. I think she IS a role model for many young muslims. You can feel that she is a women full of passion for life.


  4. Candice says:

    I don’t fully know why what she’s wearing in the top right picture would be inappropriate consider it’s covering everything, showing off no real shape to her body and not looking like skin (like if she had done it with a beige undershirt).

  5. Sarah says:

    Marsh’allah, truly Hanan looks soooo beautiful with hijaab & is stylish too.
    And i agree with kholod, in that she is a role model for many young muslim women…..
    Insha’allah, more women will follow in what Hanan has done and follow Islam in the propper manner!!

  6. sajida says:

    after havin a glance through da above pictures can say she has definetly won my hart wid her designs……she definetlly tkez her work seriously keepin in mind that the clothing is modest to wear……it shows she has put alot of hard work in to her designs,,,,,she deserves to b told dat she is doing great…keep it up….n keep putting pictures up of your new designs…

  7. zakiya says:

    she definetlly tkez her works seriously keeping in mind that the colothering is modest to wear

  8. Maryam says:

    Im Really love you and i hope to u happy life and pray God to يثبتك

  9. Maryam says:

    Your clothes are so beautiful and i want to meet u u really as my sister in God

  10. boutaina says:


  11. lyoussi sanae says:

    very nice foto of hijabe bissmillah machae allah

  12. naima says:

    mashaallah she is stunning and i really love her stlye anybody know where i can get tha top right outfit or any outfit she is wearing?

  13. insecktorb says:

    I think she’s gorgeous and truly looks better without makeup.

  14. Elsa says:

    wow… her style is amazing!!!

  15. Oumaima says:

    I really love her way to wear she has got style

  16. Maryem says:

    Masha ALLAH she’s really beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. fetiha yusuf says:

    hanan turk hijab style i like but i did not see more b/c i am not get

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