Colorful coats and silk scarves

With fall and winter around the corner, it’s time to shop for coats.  One of my dear readers told me about this site, where I found these fabulous, inexpensive coats;

The models here are not wearing the coats very modest, but these warm, colorful coats that can be worn over wide legged jeans or skirts. Get the classic, but trendy look with a matching turkish silk scarf.

All these gorgeous scarves are from Hijab Planet (just so you know, they are having a Ramadan sale with 15% off everything).

Minus the visible hair, this is (almost) how you can try to work it. Liking it or leaving it????

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5 thoughts on “Colorful coats and silk scarves

  1. Fatemeh says:

    I love these coats! Thanks for the tip!

  2. m says:

    i don’t know how to work turkish hijab? it slips, and never sits well! so i always wrap my scarf.

    oh and Ramadan mubarak sister 🙂

  3. Leyla says:

    Please give credit to designers when you show images from their catwalks!

    1) This is someone’s work product, and I’m sure they would like their name associated with it.

    2) If we like the look, we would like to be able to see the entire collection.

    I’d seen this collection on YouTube, and can’t recall the designer offhand. It’s a bit eerie, a little bit USSR and little bit deportation by train. Not pleasant connotations for me. The leather accessories are what make the collection and the show.

  4. hadiya says:

    hey guys i wanna know how you can wrap turkish scarfs i thnk they look very bootiful please email me on


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