Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan kareem to all sisters and hijabi fashionistas out there! May this month bring you peace and knowledge. Enjoy the holy month of Ramadan!

I will continue posting all month, but at the same time I encourage all of you to focus even harder on the religious aspect of of hijab (that doesn’t mean that we can’t be fashionable, we just gotta focus on the whole hijab, actions and behavior too)…

Basbousa (Imaan)

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26 thoughts on “Ramadan Kareem!

  1. INAL says:

    Ramadhan Mobarabk ya habibity_ May Allah increase your iman and give you strength to continue firmly on the PAth… May all your prayers, duas and quiet moments fill you with peace and serenity…

    Happy Ramadhan!

  2. jessyz says:

    A happy spiritual, fulfilling and satisfying Ramadan to you.

  3. OomHussam says:

    Ramadan Muburak sis!!!!

  4. Nadia says:

    Ramadan Mubarak! 🙂

  5. Mina says:

    Ramadan Kareem sweety…
    May Allah reward you for all your efforts and the good that you do:)

  6. chika says:

    kol sana o 6ayyeba ya basboooosa 🙂

  7. Happy Ramadan! But… what is Ramadan? I know it’s a holiday with fasting but that’s the limit of my knowledge!

  8. Jana says:

    Ramadan Kareem!!!

    Michelle, Ramadan is primarily about fasting, but it’s no holiday 😀 Check out this article for the basics: http://islam.about.com/od/ramadan/f/ramadanintro.htm

  9. Alix says:

    MT: Ramadan is the month which the holy Qu’ran was revealed and Muslims fast because it is the only thing we can do for Allah (everything else we do we do for the benefit of ourselves). We fast from sunrise to sunset, forsaking food and water for noble thought and right action. Forgoing food and drink makes us more in tune to the sufferings of others living in poverty the world over, and egenders more humility and generousity, God willing. It is a time to spend with family, increasing ties within a community, and letting go old axes to grind: D. It is time to increase one’s Islamic knowledge, and to give charity and commit good deeds.

    Iman: Ramadan kareem!

  10. Franzisca says:

    Ramadan Mubarak to all of you 🙂 !!!

  11. Fatemeh says:

    Ramazan mobarak to you, too!

  12. mardy says:

    i love your blog too sis Imaan! im so jealous you all have winter and get to wear the wonderful coats! Ramadhan Kareem 🙂

  13. “Ramadan is the month which the holy Qu’ran was revealed”

    Ooooooh! I never knew that!

    I was in Bahrain for three Ramadans I think. Maybe it was two. I was deeply touched by this holy fasting but I hardly knew any Bahraini women so I never had a chance to sit down with a Muslim and ask what it was all about. Later after I became Christian (I converted from “nothing”) I figured that Ramadan was something like the two 40-day long periods of fasting in the Catholic church: Advent and Lent.

    I think I somewhat understand the spiritual aspect of Ramadan … fasting is very multi-faceted. You are in tune with the poor and thus you renew your commitment to give to those who are in need, you are creating physical, mental, and spiritual discipline by suffering even though relief is right there at hand (food in the cupboards and fridge)… and most of all, you are fasting for God because for some reason fasting helps you to focus more on God. I’ve never understood why that is, but it’s true!

    Do Muslims also experience Ramadan as a yearly time of spiritual renewal? You know: a time to look back through the year and observe your weaknesses, faults, and failings as a Muslim? And then you focus on improving your faith life and your walk with God during the new year? We do this as Catholics during our periods of fasting. Advent ~ a four week period starting usually in November and ending on Christmas Eve ~ is the beginning of the Catholic new year.

    Sadly, I’ve never been able to do a full, real fast without fainting. For some reason even though I’m totally healthy my body cannot cope with long periods of time between eating ~ I go severely hypoglycemic. Some doctors told me this is because I starved so much as a child. (I grew up poor and when you’re poor in America you don’t get much help for anything, food included.) So I try and “fast” from other things that bring me pleasure/entertainment so that I still endure suffering for God and I give extra to the Poor to make up for the fact that I am eating during a time of fasting when I should be in tune with the hungry of the world.

    I hope ya’ll don’t mind the long post. I’m very curious about Ramadan! Is there anything in the Qu’ran that speaks of fasting and prayer and such? I would love to read it and see if they are similar to what I believe as a Catholic. I have a copy of the Qu’ran and I’ve read through it but you know how it is when you are unfamiliar with a spiritual text. Besides, there’s often so many words in there that I cannot understand… they must be English spellings for Arabic words??

  14. Cidahmed says:

    RAMADHAN mabrouk, may GOD bless all of us!

    Very nice blog, I really like the concept 🙂
    I’m writing this comment for two different reasons:
    1- To let you know that there is a new invention that track the new moon in a religious and scientific way that may be of interest to all Muslim in the world. For further information go to http://moontracker.net
    2- To give my point of view and wish some will agree with me: to my mind and referring to what I learned from our religion I think that Hijab doesn’t have to be fashionable, we are not supposed to compete fashion in our religion.

  15. basbousa says:

    May all of you have a blessed Ramadan.

    Cidahmed, I think you misunderstood the idea of the site. This site is for inspirational purposes, ¨how to make the hijab look in style. You are right, hijab doesn’t have to be fashionable, but it can be, and it can look nice… And this site is about that aspect… The fashion..

  16. Habayeb says:

    Ramadan kareem dearie! *Hugz*

  17. Muha says:

    Ramadan kareem.

    Hijab should not be fashionable… 😉

    Hijab should be simple, modest and covering.

  18. m says:

    thank you for your long comment. I think it’s lovely to hear your thoughts.
    Ramadan is about many things, and certainly one of them is about improvement and spiritual growth. You strive to be a better muslim in Ramadan, and you strive to keep that when the month ends. You try to undo the many wrongs that you have accummulated during the year, whether in your relationships with people, with yourself, and most of all with Allah.
    As Alix said, it’s about family, community and getting closer to Allah.

    I do agree that you start to get closer to God when you’re not eating. Perhaps it is your mind is clear and your intellect is sharp, as opposed to how lethargic and sluggish you feel after a big meal. I also believe that through your hunger and thirst you realise how meek and small you are, and how GREAT is your Creator, which brings you even closer.

    In Ramadan, we strive to do good, and we try to give, pray, be good to our families and friends… and most of all, remeber Allah in every action so that everything fasts in us, not only our stomachs.

    I hope this helps.

    Ramadan Mubarak to all of you sister

  19. basbousa says:

    Ramadan Kareem to you too, Muha, but with all due respect; what are you doing on this hijab fashion blog then, if you strictly believe that one cannot sport hijab and look fashionable at the same time???

  20. Muha says:

    Our deen is Nasehah. And this Hadith is very important:

    “Whoever sees an evil from amongst you, then let him change it with his hand, and if he is unable, then with his tongue, and if he is unable then with his heart, and that is the weakest of Emaan.” (narrated by Muslim)

    So, one is obliged to speak out, when others make mistakes… Because hijab should be according to seven rules, not tight, not see-through, conceal the shape of the body, cover all of the body exept hands and face (or face too for those who believe it is wajib or fard to cover), that it is not a display in itself (wich is the one part most important when it comes to this blog), that it is not like mens clothing, and that it is not imitating kuffar clothing.

  21. basbousa says:


    Is it OK for hijab to look pretty (colorful, artistic)?

    As far as Islamic Shari`ah is concerned, there is nothing wrong for hijab to be colorful and artistic as long as it is not UNUSUALLY attractive.

    Nobody ever ordered sisters here to wear all the styles on this site. Many of the styles are for inspiration only. There is nothing wrong with looking fresh and modern, and it’s an individual choice for sisters, just as wearing full niqab is a choice. No need to scare sisters with HARAM, mistakes, this is better than that, ect. Islam is not a religion of haram and forbidden, and sisters know this is a fashion blog, not a blog on religious matters.

  22. Like I’ve said before, if modesty becomes a dark, angry, holier-then-thou thing then who is going to be drawn to God? They’ll think that God is an agnry woman-hating thing that sits in the sky and smites anyone with colorful clothing. **ZAP!**

    Modest dress doesn’t have to be devoid of color and frumpy-sloppy. “Beauty” is vastly different then “Sexy.” I feel that I am celebrating the joy and love that is found in my faith when I wear color because God created color ~ and I am also obeying God when I dress modestly. How can it be wrong to combine joyful color with chaste modesty?

    The English language is very limiting. We don’t have a lot of good words that fully express what is being said or explained. I think the word “Fashion” is actually far too narrow of a term but it’s the best that we can do with the language that we are speaking!

    Maybe we can say, “Hijab Blog ~ With a Passion for the Colorful Celebration of God’s Gloriful Creation Coupled with Sacred Modesty.”

    That’s a bit of a mouthful though…

  23. P.S. Is “Gloriful” even a word??? And here I am a native English speaker…

  24. erica aisha says:

    Assallam Alaikum and Ramadan Mubarak!

    Love your style sis, may you be blessed this beloved month, and your duas accepted.

    Still not quite sure where everyone seems to get their info that looking fashionable for one’s own interests is all haram.

    I swear sometimes I just wanna yell “your face is haram” but then they’d agree.. and it’s Ramadan and not worth ruining one’s fast to get angry or be unkind… now that should at least be frowned upon if it’s not haram.

  25. Ahmed says:

    Salams and Ramadan Mubarak

  26. Mustapha says:

    The initiative to post this Ramadan message is full with wisdom. This will surely encourage our Hidjab wearing sisters to be put in their resolve to uphold the Islami value. May Allah reward you abundantly, Ameen. Ma’assalam. Ramadan Kareem

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