More colored hijab weddingdresses

More inspiration for girls that love color and to cover;

The lime one is just lovely! Which one is your fave???

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8 thoughts on “More colored hijab weddingdresses

  1. OomHussam says:

    I like the pinkish one it reminds me of my own wedding dress masha`Allaah 🙂

  2. Habayeb says:

    I love the peach one!

  3. I have to admit… I was sad when I chose my wedding dress because there were no colorful dresses available within my budget ~ and that’s because white wedding gowns are the cultural norm in my society! The colored gowns were considered more of a custom luxury so I couldn’t afford them. If only I had taken a look at Islamic wedding clothes!!!!

  4. Saliha says:

    I like all three of them, but the pink one is my favourite! I especially love the bridal veil, which is so typical to the Malaysian wedding dress.

  5. Kat says:

    Very beautiful wedding dresses – although I will confess – I’m more acustom to “the white wedding dress” as it’s what I’m culturally used to. They don’t particularly say “wedding dress” to me – although in the context of Maylaisa or India (even China or Korea) – yes – I can see that they would be wedding dresses. In the far east – white is what you bury the dead in! So, yes – I can certainly see them as wedding dresses in that context. I can also see something like this too a a very formal “black tie” event. Either way – I love them – think they are very beautiful!

  6. NISHA CAJEE says:


  7. Bride-to-be says:

    I’m getting Married in a short while insha Allah and I need a pretty, elegant style of hijaab to wear on my wedding day. I wear hijaab everyday so I want a scarf style that really looks bridal and different but still covers my hair. Does anyone know of a website that I can check on?

    • Anna Almaz says:

      Hi Sister
      Chck Wegdan Hamza site, Located In Cairo Heliopolis, the lady is selling by email bridal hijabs also, the style is lovely, google and check urself
      Mabrook for ur wedding % may u be happy ISA

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