More veiled street style…

I found these pictures today, on a Kuala Lumpur street style blog;

I know, I know, the arms, the belt… But aren’t they cute, though? I love the maxi dress!

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9 thoughts on “More veiled street style…

  1. chika says:

    I love the dress too! I have something similar and I wore it with a mini cardigan

  2. basbousa says:

    Nice, chika! I love maxi dresses!

  3. madame says:

    i love this clothes..look very stylish..i havent got any problems with the arms and the belt 😉

  4. Saliha says:

    Love the dress! It’s such a shame I couldn’t find one to my taste in the shops here this summer. Most of them were made of some stretch fabric, which is not very flattering to my ‘curves’. And now autumn is coming up so I guess I’ll stop looking.. 😦

  5. I like the Maxi dress too!

  6. Very nice! Global street fashion is great for ideas because it’s not as flamboyant as party-wear, nor as expensive. I’ve ordered several more colorful kaftan to hold me over until I master the art of sewing… then I’ll be able to throw together my own maxi-dresses and shirt dresses etc!!

    Here’s to the “colorful celebration of God’s glorious creation coupled with sacred modesty”!! hehehehehe

  7. pija says:

    salam.. I love ur blog so much. n i love ur frends’ blog. n i love all the links u’ve provided. n I sooo LOVE everything.. I’m happy that u like the way we in malaysia dress coz we ( at least me.. ) love the way u all dress too..

  8. suraya says:

    i’m malaysian..but still the youngsters wearing 1/4 hijab still left me confuse…imagine skinny and low-rise jeans, skinny and tight and short t-shirts with short sleeves, bared arms…but wearing hijab…i’m confused

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