Muslim Chic??

I don’t know what I think about much of what she’s wearing, but some of it is cool, and it’s definitly interesting if you didn’t see it already…

I think that she is a stylish sister, but at the same time one can agree that some of the clothing isn’t really hijab. Still, it’s always fun to be inspired, we can just modify the outfits to fit our own level of modesty.

Did you like any of her outfits?

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8 thoughts on “Muslim Chic??

  1. Jana says:

    We had a bit of a debate over this article a while ago.

    Her outfits are cute, but just need a little tweaking!

  2. Candice says:

    I don’t really have issues with the level of modesty in her outfits but I still don’t especially like the overall style. The last one is the one I that I quite like though and would really wear myself if I had the items.

  3. jessyz says:

    Inspiring as always.

  4. I like the Zebra print outfit, the jilbab, the dress and the skirt/shirt combo (minus the way the scarf is wrapped).

  5. INAL says:

    Ditto on the Zebra style… but I’d lose the belt… not on her; but me…hehehe have a thing against belts that is centuries old…LOL

  6. *~Ange~* says:

    i think it is hijab. hijab has different levels and for a young girl to be covered like she is i think its great. i definately wouldn’t say it isnt hijab. she looks cute, has her own style and wears hijab fantastically!

  7. flifla says:

    salam aleykoum

    she is very cute even if i am not fan at all of the frist outfit she seems so uncorfartable in the skinny jean, for me an outfitt must be fashionable AND comfortable.
    I love the two pictures in the blue abaya or maxi dress? the bags are so fun !! they add so much more style to the simple dress and hijab !

  8. aminah says:

    she look good. all her style suits her

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