Veiled in style

Although her skinny jeans might not be the definition of modesty, you can find a lot of inspiration for funky fresh hijab style on Jezmine the shopper’s page. Her style is very unique, and I absolutely love her passion for polka dot scarves..

I would change those skinny jeans for wide legged jeans, and 3q sleeves to full sleeves… But her style rocks!

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27 thoughts on “Veiled in style

  1. Saliha says:

    Love the polka dot scarves. Still searching for one!!

  2. Missy Mai says:

    Halo there. I would like to congratulate you on having this blog of yours. I’m new here and I love your blog entries. Informative and thanks for sharing. Masya’Allah. 😀

  3. Candice says:

    She definitely has awesome style and I love the polka dots.

  4. Her style is not really for me. BUT another Muslimah who loves polka dot scarves??!! I thought I was the only one. I’m always on the look out for polka dot scarves.

  5. INAL says:

    My girls would go for these styles…peer pressure of the non-Muslim kind is hard around here- so at the moment this middle way is a head start in a good direction. 🙂

  6. *~Ange~* says:

    love her style!!
    but it seems she has too much money and too much camera time.

  7. madame says:

    she seemd to be very shallow..and you can see her skin around her neck..i dont think, she is very islamic..she wearing also slutty-high heels…i dont like her style…

  8. Habayeb says:

    Madame- sister, its *Ramadan* we surely can watch our mouths *at least * in this month… how can one say she is shallow by not even meeting her in person? how do we know she isn’t trying her best? besides she looks SO VERY young and *slutty* high heels? what makes those heels *slutty*? and only sluts wear high heels? If someone doesn’t like a sister’s style, they should just say so, not judge their character. Besides, this is backbiting.

    Sorry basbousa it wasnt my intention to come across as harsh, but as a muslim i was doing my duty of defending my fellow sister and putting an end to slandering and backbiting.

  9. Candice says:

    Commenting to support Habayeb’s comments towards Madame. Seriously… no need for namecalling and judging with no basis.

  10. Not *my* style but deffinately cute for someone like her! Except maybe the 6th photo is along my lines ~ I’m more into hippie patchwork jeans and flowy bohemian clothes and olllld fashioned dresses. I love her chunky sandal shoes in the 4th photo!! And I like her friends’ outfits in the 4th photo as well! If I did not have a disabled leg I’d deffinately wear heels now and then!

  11. *~Ange~* says:

    i understand what Madame means by shallow… i think she is referring to all the fake posing that is going on, which definitely comes across as shallow.. but i dont agree with the slutty heels or anti-islamic thing… because heels aren’t slutty and there is no way to know about her islam.

  12. madame says:

    i mean her style…ohh come on..are everybody so suspicious?! she is a cute girl..but her style isnt islamic and her high heels arent “normal”…she wears plateu-high-heels..

    i only write what i see..i never judged her charakter, only her style..this is a understand?i also say slutty to the heels, not to her…

    its MY opinion, you dont have to agree..whatever

  13. *~Ange~* says:

    yah i must admit that sometimes i call clothing slutty which has nothing to do with the wearer… i was shopping last weekend and we were picking out things to send to his sister and i remember saying not to get certain pieces because they looked slutty… so i completely understand where Madame is coming from.

  14. Habayeb says:

    well madame sorry if u got offended, but so did i since u said ” i dont think she is very islamic” maybe that was an error and u may have meant to write “her style isnt islamic” but not my fault it just looked that way. Anyways Peace!

  15. Mademoiselle says:

    Those aren’t sky high heels madame. You are probably just one of those who believes heels are haram. And they aren’t slutty. Slutty are the shoes strippers wear and those are the shoes cute little asian girls wear, and NOOOOOO muslimah’s style should be judged as “sluttY” though you are free to point out where the style fails islamic requirements and support it with evidence.

  16. Mademoiselle says:

    Imaan can you not post comments where sisters attack other sisters and call them sluts? Jazzakallah kheir. Luv Mystery Mademoiselle

  17. basbousa says:

    Dear Mademoiselle. I think that Madam didn’t mean to use that word about the sister, but more about a certain thing she’s wearing. However all of us should refrain from using such words, especially in Ramadan.

    I fail to see what is wrong with heels though.

  18. basbousa says:

    mystery mademosielle, I’m intrigued 🙂 Do you know me? -Since you used my real name, I mean 🙂

  19. madame says:

    oh mademoiseelle…come dont know me or my wearing high heels to, but as a muslima, you cant wear every high heel which is IN.. sometimes i think, some people here are really fashion is great but what is greater..handmade clothes or islamic rules???

    the best thing is to compare both things.. and personally, i dont like the style of this asian girl..


  20. Cat mad says:

    I think that her style has failed a few islamic requirements. She can improve it though. can try to be more modest. The neck showing n leggings as pants is a definite no-no for a muslimah. For me I have no problems with the shoes .

  21. *~ange~* says:

    she called the shoes slutty not the girl!!!!
    some people cant read!!!!!!
    and i dont think the comments should be censored. everyone one has their own opinion.

  22. sthirah says:

    what is so wrong with muslims women/girls wearing heels or stilettoes?? OMG, you people… you may explore this blog,
    she is hard fan towards stilttoes but then she still wearing as a go0d muslimah… I adore her fashion as well…

  23. Mademoiselle says:

    Ange if someone called my shoes slutty it would insult me because anything slutty about me personhood reflects me as a person, the fact that I chose “slutty” shoes makes my other choices questionable. The ummah is not supposed to judge or insult others but advise. Think before we speak. Is our wording something the Prophet S.A.W would commend or advise us on? In this case, I think he’d advise against it. I personally don’t like the girl’s style whatsoever but insults are not for the Muslims.

    Imaan yes. Guess me if you can. Luv your blog sweetie.

  24. Latvia says:

    I know her long time ago, she got a style… n she huv colorfull outfit! No matter good luck … Baby

  25. yasmina says:

    But hey, she is very young! She looks like a child and her body doesnt attract any man.. or i think so 😀 so she can wear what ever she want..

  26. aminah says:

    i love her style. though i won’t wear it i love to see it. her neck and hands are showing though but i won’t judge her at all neither should everyone else. thats between her and her God. {Allah} my reason for not wearing my hijab and all my wear like that is because, Prophet Mohammed (p.b.u.h) wives never wore such bright stylish hijabs. there is a big difference with style and religion. some people wear hijabs for style and some wear it to show respect to thier husbands and to God (Allah).

  27. Lili says:

    I am not a muslim but I totally love this girl’s style…I once argued with my friend over islamic style, she said it’s not possible for a girl in hijab to look stylish. This girl has proven her wrong.
    I really don’t know all your clothing rules, what’s wrong with skinny jeans? They don’t show any skin.

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