City sisters – How to tie hijab

So I found these videos on how to tie hijab (pretty basic styles) from the City sisters show.

The last video is from sister Kima’s Youtube account.

Did you find the videos useful? Which style is your favorite?

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6 thoughts on “City sisters – How to tie hijab

  1. Lubna Karim says:

    Ramadan Mubarak to u dear. Informative blog on Hijab.

  2. flifla says:

    i’ve already watched once and it is totaly usefull

  3. nadia says:

    like it! love it!
    wish could show some more style..

  4. Donna says:

    Nice styles, but abit too much cloth, I prefer the narrower hijab for work and my neck is short, so I do not want bulk in front, but a neat fit

  5. Hannah says:

    This was really helpful, I am not Muslim myself but with my school I’m going to a mosque and I wanted to be respectful and cover my hair as Muslim girls do. The majority of the girls at my school just tie their hair in a bun and wear our hat over it but I believe if people are kind enough to let us in to their place of worship, we should be respectful of their wishes we keep ourselves properly covered. Thanks so much for your help!

  6. dani says:

    i have one friend who is muslim and who wears the headscarf. she has told me a lot about her religion and i have in return told her about my beliefs (i am christian). i wanted to find out more about the hijab and this site is very helpful. although i am not muslim i still believe in many of the same values; only being with one man, dressing modestly etc. thank you. this was very informative!

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