Indonesian hijab tutorial

This indonesian step by step hijab tutorial should make your hijab look something like this;

And depending on whether you want to gather the remaining scarf, or make it hang down on one side it will look like one of these:

I love the style, but I would have picked different colors that match better… Also you might want to use a turtleneck or another scarf around the neck, as this style exposes the neck.

Will you try this style?

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7 thoughts on “Indonesian hijab tutorial

  1. hani says:

    Oh dear the tutorial can’t be viewed.

  2. shum says:

    No offence, but regardless of mentioning to wear the turtle-neck in order to cover the neck area, BUT what about the chest area? It is essential to make sure these parts are covered aswell. Wearing a turtle-neck will only conceal the area exposed.. however show the shape of a women’s assets..hence draw more attention and is really un-islamic of wearing the hijab like this. And this isn’t modest at all, where does it fit in the criteria of wearing a hijab? Infact, it will draw more attention. I understand your not ordering everyone to wear their hijab like this, but this isnt islamic at all.

  3. basbousa says:

    Shum, no offence to you, but if you think that the only way to wear this style is to wear a tight turtleneck, then you are not very creative. When I wear a hijab style like that, I wear turtleneck with a wide tunic top or trench over. Some times I let one of the ends of the scarf hang down over my chest, and some times I tie another square scarf loosely around my neck… So there are MANY ways of wearing this modestly

  4. Celeritas says:

    Good tutorial! I will be trying this.

  5. INAL says:

    Basbousa you have done it again- mystery solved (for me) on how that style is wrapped- now I can wear it with my turnecks and my lab coats! yay!!

  6. Rita says:

    Assalamualaikum sisters……

    Hi I am Rita the ”Model” in those Indonesian Tutorials…… These tutorials were just created whilst I was at home and my daughter was asleep…. I definitely wasn’t on my way out!!!!! So that explains why I was wearing non matching coloured scarves, no make-up and a wreck. But just a step by step way in showing my colleagues how is done (or closely)…….

    For sister Shum…… I understand what you mean but I do have photo’s of me wearing my hijab like this and full covering my lovely assets from wearing 2 coloured pashmina’s…….. which I would be more than happy to share with you sisters and obviously the colours match ehehheee…… but this was purely to be shared with my girls @

    Nice to meet you all

  7. dsy says:

    I’ve seen this tutorial in fashionesedaily forum, and from the conversation I read in that forum, it was meant to be the hijab only.. she wasn’t about to go anywhere, thus she wasn’t wearing clothes which I’m sure she would wear outside. So her clothes were not part of the look 😉
    And yes, a turtle neck is good to cover the neck.. as for the chest, we can always wear a cape or anything loose

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