Hijab tie styles, again

Yes, yet again I post hijab tie styles from Marwa Hamed’s book… I’m not to fond of all these styles, but some are nice and other can be modified. Inspiration.,.. Click the thumbnails for a larger view.

What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “Hijab tie styles, again

  1. flifla says:

    salam aleykoum

    in one word RIDICULOUS ! i am not a fan of thoses kind of new artistical hijabi wrap

  2. INAL says:

    Well, the first two I can deal with…though I have never liked anything to the sides of my head- not even “pig tails” as they are referred to in the US.

    The other two I can’t wrap my head around them…but the third one looks like something I saw some Jordanian tribes elder-women of Irbid wearing…it made them look like the Gypsies of the Hollywood movies (Maybe that’s where Hollywood got their inspiration?)

  3. Lily says:

    Check out this website – http://www.EasyHijabStyles.com. The ebook is good because it has easy to do hijab styles which cover the chest as required by Syariah.

  4. Latifa says:

    Allahu Akbar, there all nice but the thing is that the point is to NOT draw all attention towards oneself and to be humble and not to flawnt your “stuff”, maybe at home.

  5. Sadaf says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw these, Astaghfirullah. If anyone is even considering tieing her hijaab like this she might as well save humiliation and just not wear a hijaab at all.
    I think the main point of hijaab is modesty and NOT to call attention to onself. These styles reflect a middle eastern circus clown more than a pious muslimah. Very very sad.

  6. yasmin says:

    yes astagfiruallah, these just attract more attention, if they are called “styles” why havent ive seen anyone wear a hijab like that? its very rare, and looks akward. besides youd have to wear ugly turtle necks just to hide your neck and chest! ew lol

  7. Adonis says:

    WOW.. So many haters! The point of the dress code of a Muslim woman is to COVER everything except that which is apparent, that is everything but the face and hands according to the hadith of the Prophet saws where he told Asma, ‘Oh Asma, tell the believing women when they go out to cover everything but the face and hands’, Hijab does not have specific colour requirements etc and can adapt to any culture providing it covers the correct areas.. You’ll understand about the verse in the Qur’an that says to draw their veils over their breasts when you see the way women in Dubai dress, some wear an abaya and hijab but leave it hanging to the side with their cleavage often exposed

    Do you expect sisters just to wear a dreary bland colour? Why would they? In Islam we should be attractive and approachable to the non-Muslims, that means they must find us pleasing to the eye too.. That’s why you see in places like Malaysia women dress in floral coloured clothing, because it is part of the culture there..

    In the west it would certainly be useless wearing a black abaya and black hijab because it will draw more attention to yourself, in addition to that people will associate you with the grim reaper which is certainly not helpful for da’wah. So there is nothing wrong with wearing hijab’s that suit your social environment providing it covers all the right areas.

    I live in Qatar where the women all wear black abayas and shaila’s which are like black hijab head wraps, but do you think that they just have plain black abayas? No.. they don’t… they have sparkles on them, pink, purple, etc, they have frills and different cuts too.. they accessorize them too..

    I think many of the people here need a reality check! Islam isn’t supposed to be something that is anti-fashion and anti-style.. it just sets guidelines as to how you can wear that style and what you can show and what you cant.



  8. Fatima says:

    asalaamu alaikum wr wb
    i think these styles are just horrible….i mean serious why can’t we just stick to sunnah and wear a proper hijab….i mean i have a hijab in every color (almost) and a underscarf in every color not to mention i make my own hijab pins. mix and match, all that fancy stuff is not needed, put on a hijab and underscarf to match ur outfit, heck put on two underscarves. i wore a red underscarf then a black one and a black hijab, it looked pretty and i dnt see the need for that crzy hijab style stuff. seriously. i mean the goal here is to divert attention away from our body and our beauty and cherish it, but we are calling attention to ourselves by puttin on those crzy styles. so seriously. if a kaffir saw that crzy hijab, they would stare and be like WTF…but if they see a regular hijabi they would be like, oh another opressed muslim girl (course we ain’t opressed, but let them liv in their fantasy world lol). but yea……not to mention….most of those girls who wear “hijab” like that are wearing about 6 tons of makeup, tight shirts and usually not even covering the neck subhanallah!!!!!!! ahhhhhh wake up my muslim sistas…..we are diverting away from true islam when we try to copy the kufr by wearing all that make up and tight clothes. i kno makeup ain’t haraam, but makeup is used to cover flaws on ur face, not make u look like a clown. if u wearin makeup right, no one should kno u got it on. and i kno they kno they are not supposed to be showing their neck…it makes me soooooooo crzy when i see my muslim sissys doing things like that. i wish to call them out, but who the heck am i to call someoen out upon what i believe they doin wrong? lol. psh if we lived like that, ppl would always be callin me out astakfurallah!!!!
    okay sorry for my long rant lol….jus been to alot of blogs with these “hijab” styles so like…..im sorry i chose ur blog to rant on lol.
    asalaamu alaikum, love all my sissys in islam for the sake of allah!

  9. Monica says:


    I found this sight wanting to learn more about Hijab and Hijab fashion. I am also a non-Muslim. As for many of you…you may find that the style in which these women are wearing Hijab is attracting unwanted attention…In a nation where everyone does dress down and cover…this would stand out. Being a Westener…well it would not stand out so much here. I agree they are wearing Heavy Heavy make-up though. Here I have caught myself and others staring at women dressed in Hijab (either head scarf and abaya or in full veil) and that seems to draw more attention than wearing some clothes that are a little more fashionable and yet remain with in the guidelines of Hijab.

    I can understand that even though covered, many of these women are still wearing excedingly tight clothes, that i would not consider Hijab, but (and a big one) there are fashions, such as tunic shirts and things of that nature that offer color and fashion with out causing one’s form to come through. and covering one’s head as well. I don’t see that it’s bad to add a slight ruffle to the head covering if the make up is more modest. That way it does not look like the “Hollywood” prostistue (forgive me if I offend). Eyeliner and mascara are good. Save the heavy make up for your husbands (again no offense, but it’s true).

    I think that it absolutely depends where it is that you are at that should determine your style of hijab with in limits. I agree with Adonis when he says women in western culture stick out like a sore thumb and people stare needlessly. They do not understand why. We even stare at Nuns. “Why,” you may ask…well even nuns in the catholic religion are few and far between and mostly the cloister themselves. Depending on the convent will determin their interactions with people. One example: The Carmeline Sisters. The do not speak to others and they cover even their hands in cloves. Basically all that is left unobscured is the face. Even then if you see one of these nuns, it is RARE. They mostly live in seclusion.

    And as many of the Islamic faith seem to think that all westerners thoughts on hijab is that it is oppressive, I can safely say it’s not all true. I find that I am more curious than anything. But asking straight out is impolite. So mostly I catch myself looking out of the corner of my eye trying to figure out what the meaning is of Hijab. After extensive searches and information from Loved friends, I now understand.

    I hope this helps both sides understand. Either way we should not convict others for what they wear…the only judge will be God who will determine eaches reward or punishment. Like we say in Mexico…For ever finger you point at someone (index finger) you have three pointing back (middle ring and pinky). If you should ever point to something look at your hand and you will figure it out.

    —Monica, the Non-Muslim, Mexican, and somewhat of a catholic because she dissatisfied with many of the beliefs and shamed in the way the church has horded it’s riches :|.

  10. malaysian says:

    assalamualaikum. to the sister who referred to malaysians as an example. well. I’m malaysian. i’m malay pure born and bred malay. Yes I know malaysia says it is Islamic country and all that. So naturally everyone wants to look at Malaysia for inspiration. But tell you what, most sisters here, and I mean like, 90% wear tight clothes (because anything a bit spacey will make them look “fat”. Just like any other oriental asians, Malays hate anything fat. That’s why Malays barely take milk or cheese etc. Only a few years back, they are starting to learn to take dairy products, otherwise, it is totally unmalay to take diary products). And almost 90% wear jeans. If you don’t wear jeans at least once in a week when you go out; something is definitely wrong “up in the head” with you. No kidding. I thought that was bad enough… till they start to look at Egypt for some even more crazy clowny gypsy hijab inspiration!

    I’m sorry but some Egyptian sisters can pull of the crazy looks simply because they have the looks and features for it. But malay girls just look well….. And now, they start wearing tons of makeup (so that when you look at them you think they are chinese- so white! but you’ll be confused when you see their hands and feet so black), tons of blusher, complete with contact lenses and thick eyelashes and mascara. Why why why? And no, they are not dressing up for their wedding. they are just going to class. Yes, to class! Or work, or…. Carrefour.

    The real Malay “culture” though, at least when it was more “islamic” is not like that. It was colourful, yes, I give you that. But it wasn’t tight like that. They basically wore something like salwar kameez but with loose skirt known as “baju kurung”. Now things have changed. I’ve been bombarded many times as to why I never wear jeans. They even hated me for it, accusing me of trying to be “arab” or “wahabi”.

    No, I don’t wear all black. But I do wear blouses and long A line skirts. But that is somehow, “wahabi” to them.

    So you do the math.

    I guess my point is… When you want to do something, don’t look at people or the majority. Look at the right source instead. What is the right way to do something? Then follow it. Maybe we can use other colours than black. But can it also be tight? And can it also be too *DRAMATIC*? Yes, it shouldn’t be bland and boring, it could even be “funky”; but can it also be to the point of attention seeking?

    What is the point of hijab? To be something you are not? (aka lighter foundation, shading of nose to make it sharper, fake eyelashes, colored lenses, etc) or to be humble and nice? You do not need to look ugly and like a slob, but you do not need to make yourself look like someone you are not, either.

    The point of hijab is humility. Being presentable shouldn’t be confused with being “loud” and like you are about to go to a nightclub or Spanish salsa.

    Living and coming from Malaysia, I feel embarressed that non-muslims dress decently and “politely” most of the time- simple sweet dresses (even if short), with simple and sweet hairstyles, and simple and sweet make up. They only wear dramatic or too much make up at night when they want to go to nightclubs. But my fellow muslim sisters? No matter what’s the occassion and where they are going, it always look like as if they are going to do the tango dance! No kidding!

    Which makes me think, it’s better to just wear a sweet and simple dress, with simple hairstyle and makeup rather than dressing up like those three pictures above. Because the former is more polite and humble, as compared to the latter.

    One word: tabaruj.

    Another word: Moderation.

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