Bosnian hijab style

I found this blog about Bosnian hijab style. The site has got some very nice pictures, and I’m sure you can find even more there if you are patient (the site just opened)… Here is some of what you can find;

I love these pictures. What do you think about Bosnian hijab style?

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10 thoughts on “Bosnian hijab style

  1. nao says:

    I love these…but i have no idea how to get the ‘bun’ with neck coverage look….any help?

  2. Mademoiselle says:

    White is very popular with the Albanian set her in the city.

  3. jessyz says:

    Masha2allah! I love how you come up with these hijab styles from all over. They kind of look Turkish with the exception of the traditional looking dress style.

  4. Thanks for posting this!!!

  5. amra says:

    coming from Sarajevo capital city of Bosnia… visit nice pictures with hijab….

  6. Mersiha C. says:

    Mashallah they all look beautiful, i love there style Inshallah more Bosnian/Albanian/Montenegrian people would cover and be good Muslims…

  7. ellsa says:

    da pictures r very nice, mashallah, but i think da in da last two pictures da head shayla is not very Islamic. Otherwise da others r all nice.

  8. sumerah khan says:

    mashallah the top pictures are great .i agree with ellsa on the last two pictures.

  9. maida says:

    mashallah i pray that all womem wear hijab ……….(ameeen)

  10. maina says:


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