Fall favorite turkish silk hijabs

Most of the f/w collections are in stores now, and since the silk scarf is the big hit this season, here are my favorites from the f/w collection of Armine.

Hijab planethas got the most exclusive Turkish silk scarves in my opinion. These are my favorites from their fall collection, with the last being my ultimate favorite.

Which one is your favorite?

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24 thoughts on “Fall favorite turkish silk hijabs

  1. Habayeb says:

    The first two! althou i never can usually decide while choosing turkish scarves!

  2. hal786 says:

    the 2nd one
    i luv black

  3. jenn says:

    my favourite one lateefa, what a nice hijab and coat

  4. Saliha says:

    I love the second one!

  5. salma says:

    So nice….but my head just doesn’t look right in Turkish look…

  6. Celeritas says:

    I love the purple one too 😀

  7. WOW those are some expensive hijabs!! $66 for one scarf!!

  8. bahiyyah says:

    I actually had bought 3 hijabs from hijabplanet.com last year and they are still like new and beautiful. Sometimes I cant even decide which one to wear. I think hijabplanet is the only website sells armine hijabs right now. Yes they are expensive but they really worth what you pay.

    Other sources for Turkish Silk Hijabs

    http://www.tekbirgiyim.com.tr (the largest islamic fashion company in Turkey)
    http://www.akeronline.com (well they dont look islamic but still worth looking but honestly I dont like their designs and colours)
    http://www.karacaesarp.com (you can buy them at http://www.hijabplanet.com as well)

  9. hajer says:

    oh so amazing, ive always wanted to be a hijab model, i just dont know if there any islamic agencies….

  10. khwaja says:

    Sister, jazak’Allahu khairun for posting the link to their site…
    you have no idea how long i’ve been looking for these scarves, and their specific source, i wear the turksce scarves on a daily basis and am on a major shortage on them. hehe i love you for this post, thanks you soo much!!

  11. Samira says:

    HAJER – look out for Talentmad.com in 2009. Inshallah

  12. Fatima says:

    As Salamu Alaykum I see the trend of Turkish satin like hijabs, so cool! So I bought mine from


    Really cool colors

    I am not that creative, so i do tie my hijab in a regular fashion but i do jazz it up with pattern


  13. Nozima says:

    wow veri neci hijab

  14. Nozima says:

    i am from UZBEKISTAN……….

  15. Amina says:

    found some real turkish hijabs here – amazing colors and video on how to wear it


  16. Sophie says:

    I love the turqouise and purple one!
    I soo want them InshAllah
    They’re quite expensive tho from Hijab Planet! Worth it though.

  17. SARAH MERTZ says:


  18. Rubab says:

    I’m selling silk square hijaabs in beautiful colors and designs. I’m only selling them for $10.00 a piece. I sell them on ebay but I don’t have a store yet I just list them up. You can email me the colors you want and I’ll email you pictures of what I got. Email me at ritzy786@gmail.com

  19. Rubab says:

    My hijaabs are not identical to the ones above but are just like these hijaabs. Same fabric and everything. I have beautiful designs and colors.

  20. Sarah B says:

    Selam ladies,

    This ebay seller has satin silk square scarves in perfect sizes and colors, many for less then $10 including the shipping! Enjoy!


  21. marzia says:

    very good images

  22. Salaam 🙂 I am starting a business selling Turkish hijabs. I have bought these scarfs directly from Turkey and worked with the supplier to have good quality scarves. These are made in Turkey and not in China,,there’s definitely a difference, please consider that in the price.
    Here is my link: insha’Allah help me so i can open a business in Boston:)
    JAK ladies:)

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