Very unique abayas

Really unique, glamorous abayas are sometimes hard to find, especially if you live in the West. The first tip this time around is about glam abayas on facebook! Yes, you can actually find and buy some of these beautiful abayas over facebook!!!!


I love the over-the-top sleeves on some of these. Check out more here.

Al Hadeel gowns:

These abayas are soooo beautiful. I love the 1st one. You can check out more pictures here, but unfortunately I think you can not order these ones…

Nada’s abaya fashion:

Beautiful abayas as well, view more pictures here.


Kanz has got both abayas and galabiyas, and you can order from the facebook group. Can you ask for more??

I love gulf abayas with elegant matching shaylas, maybe I will even try to order one myself.. What do you think about these abayas and galabiyas?

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15 thoughts on “Very unique abayas

  1. Cat mad says:

    I have never been a fan of galabiyas or abayas. But eversince I came here I am in LOVE with the new generation of abayas & galabiyas!

  2. chika says:

    I love the blue one.. bas the black ones are too much you know! unless it’s for like an occasion.. too much details makes it over you know

  3. Habayeb says:

    lol , the khaleeji gals wear them for normal wear …so naah for us it aint just for occasion 😛

  4. abdulla says:

    hi, im from dubai,where can i purchase one of those? i need one for my wife for this coming eid.pls help

  5. Habayeb says:

    abdullah, try deira, naif souk or souk as wasl or even Abu Hail center in deira….you’ll get some awesome bargains.

  6. l3ila says:

    omg i love the black abaya with the wh!t3 line..
    itz soo ko0l…

  7. shibana says:

    i love abayas very much. ineed to show differend design of abayas , and unik ones. and ineed to show modern , lates ones. thanks for the site.

  8. boulhrouzi says:

    je suis interessé je veux votre prix pour jalaba hijab merci

  9. khadidja says:

    i would like to bye thoses kaftan ana abayas ,,,what do i have to do ..i live in london

    • khadidja says:

      i realy like them ,,,and like to bye so many abayas from dubai ,,they told me is very cheao,,in sattae of bye them from here london is very exoencive,can i get ana answer as soon as opossible

  10. hana says:

    i would like to know if i wanna order some of these beautiful hijabs and abayas what’s the best website to use

  11. amna says:

    love cool abayas where can I buy them in what stores in dubai?

  12. amira says:

    i need to buy abayats & Hijabs

  13. amina says:

    im in Nigeria how do i get this cool abayas and how much will it cost to ship them down?

  14. milly says:

    there sooo nice xxx i luv em !!

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