Cutting a dash with Islamic chic

An interesting article about UAE’s islamic wear designers;

While living in New York City in early 2001, Rabia Zargarpur, a native of Dubai, decided to adopt the hijab, or headscarf, into her daily wardrobe. It was then that she was confronted with a dilemma – at least in the eyes of a fashion conscious young woman. Her newly chosen lifestyle left her with nothing stylish to wear.

Having graduated from New York’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology two years earlier, only to abandon her passion to pursue a career in business administration, Ms Zargarpur, or “Rabia Z” as she is known professionally, discovered her calling. Read more here.

The best thing is that they are thinking of opening a H&M-style department store with Arabic designs!!! I would be their 1st customer! I would go there 3la tool!!!

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Cutting a dash with Islamic chic

  1. hajer says:

    omg im so proud of her

  2. Alia Hindawi says:

    oh bless you !!

    pleeeeeeeese open it soon !

  3. Miey says:

    She is so fab!!

  4. Kat says:

    you are living my dream right now! I am a VCU (in Virginia) student majoring in Business Marketing and I want to go to FIT to do Fashion Merchandising. I would shop at your store in a minute!

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