Moroccan Kaftans

I want a Moroccan kaftan (takchita)! There are few garments that are more feminine and beautiful than them! They look stunning with hijab, and they come in any color and any material you like. Here are pictures from the 06′ Moroccan kaftan show:

And here are pictures of hijab sported with the kaftan.

Cute, right? Which one of those luxurious kaftans is your favorite?

This is based on the 2nd contribution to win hijabs.

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18 thoughts on “Moroccan Kaftans

  1. Saliha says:

    I love all of them, they’re so beautiful! But to be honest (don’t shoot me ;)) I think most of them look better without hijab, just like saree’s do. I think it’s because with all the embellishments and stuff, a headscarf makes it a bit ‘too much’. Some Turkish hijabi gowns have that same problem. (A headscarf would go well with a caftan or simpler takchita though.)

    Moroccan girls I know wear these takchitas at women-only wedding parties all the time, they’re just so fabulous!

  2. hal786 says:

    omg how can u choose?they r beautiful

  3. khaidjah says:

    salam sis

    if i really really really had to choose and could not have them all lol, i like the navy blue one, only because its the only colour i dont have a jilabab or tkshirta in lol.

    wa salam

  4. Cat Mad says:

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  5. *~Ange~* says:

    my eyes hurt from all the colours… i love it!!
    especially the fully deatiled ones..

  6. I want them all! WOW what fantastic outfits! I’d wear those every day!

  7. m says:

    i really could not choose!!! they’re all so beautiful. and i do agree with Saliha… i would rather wear them in an all women wedding or something rather than put them on with a scarf. However, if i am to use a scarf with them, i’d go for a darker, less embelished one.
    but seriously… they’re all so beautiful. i wonder about their price tag though!

  8. curiousmuslimah says:

    So pretty I want something like those! I did some searching and came upon this website I wish I would have kept up with my french so I could read it!

  9. jessyz says:

    They are amazing, but I do agree with Saliha too, a hijab on these usually makes the look a bit over the top, maybe at a woman’s only occasion, or maybe a super simple scarf would work on the less embelished ones.

  10. INAL says:

    Well during Iftar the other night (the Masjid where I attend has made sure we all eat, or have a place to eat after Maghrib) I whipped out the blackberry and was showing off your site…the Moroccans were swooning over these and other posts…

    Have to say a few have asked me again to show them the pictures so they can get some ideas…it sure has helped us here open up to conversing with otherwise unknown women…

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  11. shaimaa says:

    salam twahashtkom ana baga n teraf elikom

  12. Ranya says:

    Hi ,

    Pls advise how can I contact the designer or the publisher , pls provide me with contact details .



  13. Kat says:

    I have been trying to look for Moroccan kaftans like these and nothing seems to come close. Where could I find kaftans nearly as beautiful?

  14. Funny says:

    The red and blue is absolutely gorgeous!

  15. Gwyneth says:

    OMG those are gorgeous! About how much would something like those kaftans cost? I”m going to Morocco over the summer and I want to get one now!

  16. maria says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen moroccan kaftan and for me, it is so beautiful. So full of colours. I don’t mind knowing how to order it and in australian currncy. Salam to all.

  17. Nazha M says:

    I have two Caftans and one Takchita for sale if you’re interested. I am In USA.Thanks

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