Menna Fadali in hijab

Menna Fadali is an Egyptian actress that doesn’t normally wear hijab. Thats why I wanted to share these cute pics with you;

Seeeee? She is so much more elegant wearing the abaya and hijab (although her hair peeps out)…

This is how she looks like normally (and mind you, I would not post a hijab-less picture of her if she was a hijabi/mohagaba);

What is better; with or without hijab? I vote WITH!

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12 thoughts on “Menna Fadali in hijab

  1. Alixianna says:

    With, in public course, but the bangs really just make me go, don’t bother with the scarf, lol, it only makes your hair look prettier.

  2. Mariam says:

    What are the hijabi photos for? Was she shooting an ad?

  3. Hijab seems to make women look like women while the modern pop-culture styles make women look like little girls. The whole women-looking-like-girls is kinda creepy if you ask me…

  4. Candice says:

    I don’t really know how to answer. I think she’s a pretty girl overall and she has her choice made for now. She does look cute in the hijab pictures, smiling while hugging a pot. lol.

  5. Muha says:

    I agree with you for a change 😀 With, ofcourse. I think it is rediculous to do such a photoshoot with hijab, and loads of makeup. Makes people think it is okay to dress like that, to show hair like that, because ” a model does so”… Sadly, thats how some people think. Specially young girls.

  6. cecilia says:

    she look much better with the abya

  7. soumia says:

    i like her with hijab she looks really cute

  8. salma says:

    i think girls look so much more precious with the hijab<3

  9. MOHAMMED says:


  10. Maria says:

    Much better without the hijab or anything covering her hair. She is a beautiful woman with beautiful hair. The hijab made her look matronly.

    • fatima osseily says:

      i think that she looks so beautiful both ways since hijab is a really great thing and it makes the women/girl more respected in society!!

  11. noraaaaaaa says:

    she looks more beautiful within hijab

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