What to wear in Ramadan

This list is made by Rabia Z for expatriates living in the Gulf, but could be useful to Muslimas that don’t normally cover;


  • Do wear a cotton jersey shrug or denim jacket over your sleeveless tops and dresses 
  • Do pair your dresses with jeans, pants or even capris (it is a trendy and popular look)
  • Do wear tops and dresses with sleeves (the sleeves could be long or short).
  • Do wear loose and comfortable clothing, which is advisable for the still warm weather anyway.
  • Do invest in a pair of loose linen trousers.
  • Do wear your low waist jeans and trousers with tunics and tops that cover the hips.
  • Do experiment with layering tops, T-shirts and skirts with pants or jeans
  • Do opt for longer shirts to wear with your jeans
  • Do wear leggings under short dresses and skirts
  • Do invest in a basic, flattering silhouette abaya. It is an elegant and handy over garment to be used over any ensemble.
  • If you are a Muslim, do dress modestly and try to cover your hair this month with a scarf, wrap, shayla, hijab, hat or bandana.


  • Do not wear tank tops
  • Do not wear shorts, short dresses or short skirts in public places
  • Do not wear sleeveless garments
  • Do not wear tops with a plunging neckline
  • Do not wear body hugging clothes
  • Do not wear see-through clothing

There is more to it. Read the full article here.

For those sisters that do cover, does anything change about the way you dress in the holy month of Ramadan? For those who wear makeup, do you wear less, or the same amount? I am horrible when it comes to makeup, I love it, and I always wear it. However, in Ramadan I try to slow down on it, wearing nothing on the lips for sure (even though I normally wear a light lipgloss, cuz I’m likely to eat it), and no eyeshadow… But I am and always will be a huge kohl-addict.

So do you change your ways (even just a little) for Ramadan?

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11 thoughts on “What to wear in Ramadan

  1. Alixianna says:

    I leave my ways. Unless I believe they are wrong and intend to change them through out the whole year, I wouldn’t change them just for Ramadan. That would be a bit hypocritical.

  2. Kholod says:

    Every time I watch live contest programmes on the Syrian Satellite channel, where they meet ppl on public places streets, I get VERY shocked and very upset. Many non muhajaba muslim women are still wearing tight jeans with tight T-shirts and going out this way to the malls and markets, ON RAMADAN!!! They interviewed many women who wore sleeveless tops and very shamelessly talked about how they prepare for Ramadan and how wonderful it’s to gather around the fotoor table with thier families during Ramadan!!! i.e. Ramadan for them is the extra food and the gatherings, nothing more. It’s sooooooooo frustrating! They lack the respect and decencyfor this holy month and they do it on public!

    اللعم انك عفو كريم تحب العفو فاعفوا عنا

  3. I never considered altering my lip gloss for Ramadan. It pretty much stays the same for me. I’m in disagreement about lip gloss breaking the fast but I know many people who believe that…

    I try to do more “Islamic things” during Ramadan than I normally do during the other parts of the year. Yes, it should be consistent but I’m the first to admit that I have a ways to go in my spiritual development. I’m just more focused during Ramadan.

  4. Celeritas says:

    I started wearing hijab again after a break of about a year when I was a part-time hijabi (just at uni, work but not when I went shopping or got my hair cut) 2 weeks before Ramadan. At the moment I’m doing the look I used to – long skirts with jackets or coats, casual trousers or jeans with tunics. I am making an effort to draw my veil over my bosum because in the case of work I wear my looser jacket over a tighter work shirt.

  5. INAL says:

    I don’t change what I wear during Ramadan. I just make sure the wind doesn’t disgrace me as I get to the Masjid! LOL

  6. julaybeeba says:

    i don’t really change what i wear but i will wear longer tops or skirts just incase i happen to be out when the time for prayer comes around. I’m more conscious of the salat times during ramadan and what i wear when i’m praying

  7. Muha says:

    I dont change what I wear. I did it one Ramadan, though… In the Ramadan of 2002, I finally took the step and started to wear niqaab. It lasted almost two years, but when I got pregnant, I could not do it anymore, it was too tight over my face.

    I spend every Ramadan thinking about going back to niqaab, but… Its tough.

  8. somalieren says:

    …you know, kohl is sunnah, so you can wear it med god samvittighet! 🙂

  9. basbousa says:

    Gurl, I know, but still I wear too much anyway!

  10. halimeh says:

    I have to disgaree with the whole idea of this blog entry. Ramadan is not intended for “temporary” change in life habits or styles, rather it is a method of implementing life changes that are permanent and worthy of undertaking. Please understand why there is such a blessing as Ramadan to begin with, then understand the Islamic guidelines as how to dress and apply it to EVERYDAY life and not just in one, short time period.
    Just some words of advice 🙂

  11. Isha Westwood says:

    im a new revert to islam and this is my first time fasting, this is the first day and im not moaning at all. Im just really conceious about how i look.. i dont want to do haraam acts without knowing? Its really hard and i only just found out about the whole make-up thing.. i put a tiny amount of concelor on and abit of eyeliner, I wear hijaab and my jibbab everyday so no change foe me.. i jsut wish i had more guidance from people around :'(- isha

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