Strange hijab (or headgear)

I got a hijab NOT tip here with very strange looking Eastern hijabs… Don’t try this at home.

Uh-uhhh, this does not look good! What do you think?

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14 thoughts on “Strange hijab (or headgear)

  1. Zaenab says:

    Eww that first one is wierd! Nice blog btw! xx

  2. Kate says:

    That is odd looking! I dont think that is attractive at all hah- but i guess everyone has their own opinions!

  3. julaybeeba says:

    i think the first one looks like a bumble bee

  4. hajer says:

    wow, i would never do that.
    i wouldnt even concider that hijab

  5. Manos Musulmanas says:

    Horrible remins me the hadiz about big bults!

  6. mia says:

    u know, the first pic… we use the thing to cover food on the table!!

  7. moifredah says:

    I’m a Singaporean muslim . That lady is an artist in m’sia(neighbouring country) and the 1st picture was photoshop. Just to let you know 😉

  8. Saliha says:

    Strange, but the girl in the second pic is very pretty masha’Allah!

  9. didil says:

    i thought the first pic is real! haha.

  10. lolz that’s Datuk Siti Nurhaliza. the pics are hilarious ^^ she’s been wearing very strange hijabs since she started ‘donning’ the hijab. thankfully i haven’t seen anybody here in the east wearing that sort of thing on their heads except her.

  11. Daoui says:

    I think the first one looks like a babys crib( the top one)
    the second one doesn`t really look really bad but the first one is ughh

  12. The first time the pic of the lacy so-called hijab came out, people referred to it as the “g-string’ hijab. I think she has an identity crisis… trying to please her fans by donning the hijab – and yet NOT donning the hijab…

  13. i almost burst into laughing……haha.the first pic is a photoshop edited by this singer fans.they poke fun at her bcuz she always come out with weird hijab style.that thing u see on top of her head is actually something we use to keep food 🙂 but i say this pic is just for fun.the original pic of is the 2nd pic

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