Hijab Model – Yassmin Mohsen

With all the hijab stylists, designs, hijab fashion shows and magazines, veiled models are in demand in Egypt. Yassmin Mohsen is one of those girls that does hijab modeling.

I like what she is wearing in the picture with the fanous (lamp). Awesome inspiration anyway, although some of the tops she wears with jeans are a little to short for my taste…

Do you like her style?

This is a hijab tip from one of my dear readers.

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47 thoughts on “Hijab Model – Yassmin Mohsen

  1. Zaenab says:

    i love this, i really like the fact that wearing hijab doesnt stop you from doing things you want like modelling for example

  2. Jana says:

    Yasmin Mohsen isn’t a model as such, she has her own ‘hijab and make-up salon’ which she uses some of these pics as promos for. The rest of the them are shots for a pageant she’s competing in.

  3. basbousa says:

    Yeah I know about the salon, but about that pageant.. I’ve heard from many people that it’s kind of … not very respectable?

    Anyway she is in the pageant as a “hijab model” so I prefer to write about her like that. She do model a bit too, I’ve seen clips of her on the catwalk.

  4. delight says:

    I don’t like the first pic. It reveals what should have kept hidden. For me, it is not hijaab… it is just an ordinary clothes wear with a head scarf.
    Just my two cents ;p

  5. Jana says:

    Let’s just say I really don’t think it’s something a Muslim woman should take part in. All the other contests just look really skanky I’m sorry to say!

  6. Muha says:

    I agree with Jana, it is not hijab… I mean, come on, the makeup and all. Does not help if one is a model, pictures will be seen by men, and it is not right.

    • It is a right of every women to look good in her own eyes and in the eyes of others. Everyone born loves to be admired. God is Love. Being looked upon by men does not necessarily mean it is a bad thing. Let’s not be hypocrite (munafiqs). The commandment from the Lord is not to be vulgar. Yassmin’s concept gives beauty and dignity to women without making them vulgar. She needs to be encouraged and promoted.

  7. basbousa says:

    Muha, you should read the comments more carefully maybe? Jana never said anything about her hijab, she was talking about the pageant.

    And in a way, without further judging I agree with what she had to say about the PAGEANT.

  8. Muha says:

    Ah, delight was the one mentioning hijabs. My bad. Read too fast.

  9. nadiah says:

    i like this style so much even if is not islamicaly,is just a new and modern style, we must look at hijabs to learn more how to wear ..is about who convert to islam and who live in european country ,becuse most of people have a bad things about muslims and we must show them islam is not how they know , is how we will show them because they will see islam how we will wearing, talking…but this is not enough so. this style is to make as much ideas about how to wear or what colours to use in it …..

  10. soumia says:

    the only one i like is the fourth one the others is far away from hijab like islamic symbol even iam in not arabic country i have to show the hijab pretty but with the right that came in coran

  11. ahmed farouk says:

    look jana
    iam working as an area mgr for africa and really i used to invite people to islam and believe me i succeeded to convince plenty women with islam except HIJAB cause they don like to hide their hair and they think that HIJAB is makin the lady just like a maid
    after i saw yasmine’s style i show them all her pic and i swear they surprised from her style
    so dont talk about her style by this way and dont look under ur step only we r muslims and we need to convince people
    thx alot jessy and be sure u r on the right way

  12. sameera says:

    They wearing a lot of makeup and m sorry that its not a good practice…..Wear Hijab but dont misuse it 😦 😦

  13. yassmin mohsen says:

    thank u every body 4 ur comments.

  14. Amirah says:

    I really like a lot of these looks… can anyone tell me what are some good online stores that i can find these types of hijabs, and even the outfits being worn in these beautiful pictures please!!!!
    Thank you

  15. AMBIKKAAA LOVE says:

    This is not the way you wear hijab. You are not suppose to show your body you can clearly see the shape of her body what type of hijab is that… deres no point of wearing hijab if ur gonna show your body. Showing ur hair is better than showing ur body. YOU DUMBASSES RMOVE THESE PICS RETARDS AND GET REAL . IM NOT A MUSLIM AND EVEN I KNOW BETTER. MY FRENDS A MUSLIM AND SHE DRESSES IN SUCH THAT SHE WEARS LOSE CLOTHES AND HIJAB SHE DOESNT WEAR LIKE JEWWLLLEY AND FRIiggiN LIPSTICKK LIKE WTHH ur wearing a hijab on other hand ur puttingon 10 Litres of makeup.

  16. AMBIKKAAA LOVE says:

    p.s — plz dont remove my mssg… cuz thats my opinion. RRESPECT IT.. and dont delete it.

  17. Madiha M.K says:

    I’ve made a “31 Hijab Styles Collage Video (4 future tutorials), VOTE UR FAVORITES NOW!” video with some of these styles in it. If you vote for em, I’ll show you how to do them in my next tutorials insha Allah :).

    And yes I agree Ambikaaa. But I strongly believe beautifying your headscarf is far better than accentuating your body. For those transitioning from the induced thinking that male attention is what sets their worth and what matters most, to realising that no one has the right to judge you by your womanly appearance, I think making the headscarf pretty is a great compensation for teen muslim girls like myself, cuz i know what it feels like. Which is why I do my vids in the first place…I’m trying to inspire them and let them know that hey, you dont have to be “ugly” while covering up your sexual beauty. I think “cute” is far better than looking “sexy”. All in moderation of course.

    sorry i talked too long lol. I love this blog so much, and i know i didnt take permission, but since these pics are from hijab fashion magazine, i assumed it’d be okay to take some of them to put in my video. Please forgive me <3.

    Madiha M.K

  18. mia says:

    Honestly, is that hijab? How can it even be called that? I agree with ambikkaa. It totally gives off the wrong message & it in no way inspires non hijabis or non muslims. Before I was practicing Islam, seeing women wearing a headscarf with tight clothes and heavy makeup didn’t inspire me, it just put me off. I was a fashion/art student when Allah guided me & I donned my khimar and long skirts to college, my skinny jeans and “fashionable” wardrobe forgotten. I didn’t feel the need to glamourize my hijab for my college buddies or society.
    Yes we must look neat, clean, pretty, but then some go overboard and end up lookin.. er inappropriate. We can wear whatever we want at home & plaster as much makeup as we want! I’m sorry for my long comment but I just had to voice my opinion. Hijab is so precious, please don’t abuse it when Allah has guided you to wear it. Peace to all my beautiful Muslim sisters.

  19. samira says:

    Hi, what is the name of Yasmin Mohsen? I am looking for her salon. Does anyone know how I can contact it please?

  20. sonia says:

    mashallah she looks really beautiful!. i like the modern look she has adapted, her makeup looks very fresh and white, what makeup do you wear?

  21. sonia says:

    salaam i wrote a message yesterday and didnt recieve any reply, i said mashallah i love yasmins style and she is a beautiful girl, the question i asked was what makeup does she wear to look that beautiful?
    mashallah may Allah bless her!. xx

  22. zeina says:

    hi , i like this site , it makes u like wearing hijab .. + the way fashion hijab is dresses makes u feel beautiful ..
    can u teach me how to do such models in hijab …

  23. siti says:

    i wish i could be just like you as a hijab model

  24. Safina Hussain says:

    This model looks beautiful and has carried her hijab beautifully, encouragin all girls that you can look stunning whilst covering! mashallah. What makeup does Yasmin mohsen use? I also like her fresh and whiteness that is shown in her skin.

    Lots of love sisters.. Salaammz

  25. Aleeza says:

    I think she looks great, added a twist to the hijaab, clothing and makeup is a way to express yourself, your individuality, your own style etc.
    This goes to show there is a place in islam to ‘be yourself’ that women are not opressed and have freedom and rights !

  26. asmouka atef says:

    i like yasmin gdan gdan w styel gamed gadan

  27. saraelsaid says:

    I wont to be model ? How

  28. I love the Egyptian hijab style, I fell in love with it the first time I went to Egypt. I wouldn’t mind being a Hijab model, as long as I look decent and modest. Wearing the hijab does not stop you from being beautiful for yourself.

  29. Nour says:

    The styles are amazing! im interested in modeling just like this does anyone have any idea where i can get a head start

  30. Hassan says:

    You are doing very well. Keep up the good job. Islamic ally, it is better to be veiled and be doing modelling than be naked. Hopefully, you will be an inspiration for a lot of young Muslim girls and lots of them will put on the veil in their day to day lives.
    We have to break the cycle of following the Western culture and life style.

  31. Yasmine you are doing a wonderful job, and you have my 100% support. If there is anything I can do for you from Canada, please do not hesitate. Stay strong, focused and success is yours.

  32. inder says:

    You look really great,keep doing what makes you happy,lot of people will be jealous,but you will come through in the end. god bless.

  33. Nadya Hawas says:

    She has my full support!

    I wonder what kind of muslim woman can come here and leave her dirty thought about Yassmin. Isn’t that contradictory of what Islam is teaching?

  34. queen of majesty says:

    Mashallah GR8 hijab styling! although some styles needs to be a bit more modest so that the meaning of HIJAB can be achieved.

  35. sania says:

    thts very beautiful

  36. loubna says:

    i think its really damn cool because i would like to wear hijaab too and it looks so fashionable that it helps muslim girls to adopt wearing hijaab which is farz in islam.
    by seeing these new styles, the wearing of hijjab has aroused in my heart n mind. thnx so much yasmin by doing a great job

  37. loubna says:

    frankly only by looking at hijaab styles, its difficult to wrap it. please give some demonstration of how to wear it.thnx

  38. rainbow-sparkly-unicorn says:

    I think she looks stylish in these pictures. It’s not really my style but I’m not here to judge her hijab.

    If I was wearing these, I’d change the turban-like style into something a little more elegant. I don’t like turbans because they’re so big and the don’t cover the neck much.

    I like how she combined colors but the clothing is slightly too tight for my taste, and in the last pic the dress (I think it’s how the dress is cut) just doesn’t flatter her body type.

    Also the makeup is too heavy for me, but really what she wears is up to her.

    My favorite is the bottom left pic… but ya it wouldn’t look too modest on me.

  39. Iesha says:

    Masha-allah beautiful, i want to be a hijab model but don’t know how to go about it :/

  40. Hilde says:

    Im now watching a documentary about you on Norwegian TV-channel. It’s amazing, I think its the first time a program about Egyptian way of living have been shown to us in Norway, and it’s being braught to me by your voice and your protesters. Your voice must be strong to have reached so far north! Thank you for the insight!

  41. Dani says:

    Masha ALLAH, yes her style is beautiful. My husband would like this too, if it is only shown to him. Outside the house we have to wear modest outergarment at all.


  42. Assalammualaikum…
    nice pic….but let me share some tutorials from hijabers Indonesia, please open http://media.zoya.co.id and http://media.shafira.com
    Insha Allah you will like it as a reference to use hijab. thank you, salaam

  43. have you ever tried to make a hijab by using paint media?

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