Know any sisters in dire need for hijabs?

A very kind hearted sister, Michelle, or Coffee Catholic as she might be known as (yes, she is a Catholic hijab wearing sister), has decided to give away several hijabs, underscarves and hijab pins. If you know a sister that really really needs a generous gift like this, please write to us and tell us why.

These are some of the scarves, but there are others as well. We want to make sure that the sister who receives this gift really needs it, so if the sister has 50 scarves from before, that is not the person we are seeking… We hope to find this sister before the holy month ends, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact me on thehijablog (at), and I will forward everything to Michelle

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8 thoughts on “Know any sisters in dire need for hijabs?

  1. Zaenab says:

    this is so sweet! i dont know anyone though lol, i hope you manage to find someone who needs them ^-^

  2. ammena says:

    insha’allah you find someone… that is very generous of coffee catholic masha’allah.. I dont really know of anyone who can benefit from this gift but insha’allah you find her

  3. Megan says:

    Such a generous thing to do 🙂

  4. Habayeb says:

    Masha’allah such a noble thought……ya know there are many new muslim communities that are flourishing in various parts of the world……a sister just recently sent hijabs and books and many other stuff to Columbia….I think its best to contact such mosques and ask them since mostly many of us wouldn’t either know of any sisters like that or even if some did they already would have helped her insha’allah. But Allahu Alam, still this is a great idea and I hope in the end you guys do bring a smile on a sister/s face.

  5. Could you sisters here ask around at your mosques and amongst your communities? Perhaps someone knows of a sister that could use some fun hijabs. I have no idea where to start looking… where are the mosques here in the U.K.?

  6. Jana says:

    CC, what part of the UK are you in? You can find mosques pretty much in everywhere these days. Check the UK Mosque Directory for your nearest one.

  7. I’m waaaay waaaay waaaaaaay up north, closer to Norway then most of the UK! (Hi Basbousa! **Waving From Farm**) If the wind blows my hijab off my head then Basbousa can go collect them on the beach hahaha!

    I’m American so I don’t know squat about UK cities so these directories are confusing when they ask me to type in the city I want… I did manage to find one Mosque in London on-line and I wrote to them… Who knows?

  8. mary says:

    I’m sorry this isnt through email but I know a sis thinking of wearing hijab in Michigan if that counts. I havent been able to send her hijabs yet but have been meaning to as she’s stuck with an Al-amira and it’s discouraging for her. Her name’s Lindsay and I could email her address later for her if you’d like. She’d love the surprise for sure 🙂
    May Allah swt reward you both for your efforts!

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