Vintage hijab – Caring about the environment.

As Muslims, we should try to do good in every aspect of life. Taking care of what God gave us, as in caring about the environment is also important. This next tip is about vintage scarves and vintage clothing. It’s actually a very good idea. Instead of buying new, reuse. I’m sure many of the readers that live in the West can find thrift stores around, but if not, you can visit this page, where you can find a lot of vintage clothing and accessories.

I really love the multi colored flower silk hijab, and also the colorful flowery dress!

There is yet another way to reuse. Arrange an evening with all your friends, where you bring all the clothing and scarves that you are not using anymore. Then you all will get new stuff, without throwing away your old stuff.

Would you wear vintage?

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5 thoughts on “Vintage hijab – Caring about the environment.

  1. Celeritas says:

    Oh definitly! Some of the best hijab items I wear all the time I have been given from Saudi sisters who want to limit thier baggage weight when they go back home. The most important thing is to clean them properly, fix any problems (like borken zips) and to buy some accessories to go with them. If you are saving $50 by being given a lovely piece of clothing, you can spend $20 on accessories that match and still be saving $30.

  2. julaybeeba says:

    1/2 my clothing is vintage. i usually take old clothing from my family and tear it up and resew it into something new

  3. Muha says:

    Oh, too bad I dont have any photos of my old hijabs. They would not be ok even in the dark hehe. I will search through some old photoalbums, and see if I got some pics. I had two horrible hijabs hehe. Then I got a dark blue one, in polyester or something, but it was lighyt, it was what was known in the mid 90’ies as Turkish Hijabs, but solid colour, though. I have one multicoloured too, but I still have it at home hehe.

    What we use to do in my forum, is that we have a “give-away-ring”, where girls can post what they want to give away, and the reciever is obliged to continue, and then give away some hijabs to others.

  4. bitgreener says:

    Buying vintage and used clothing is he best way to green your clothing line.I like to see more and more people out there doing this it really sends a message that the green movement is starting a change for the better.For more on green clothing go to

  5. Suzanne H. says:

    Thrift stores and consignment shops are a great place to find cool hijab. I also have a tip: I like silk hijabs, so I need a little extra something to keep it in place on my head. rather than pay a lot of $ and wait for shipping on those cool little cotton caps, go to a thrift store, but a bunch of large-size men’s t-shirts in colours you love, and cut off the sleeves. The part that is attached to the shirt goes at the back of your head, and the ‘cuff’ of the sleeve goes around your forehead. Cheap, stays in place, easy to find, and recycled/reclaimed fabric, ergo environment-friendly. Oh, but men’s T’s are the best, as women’s tend to have silly little capped sleeves that are too tight and too small.

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