Egyptian hijab street style

Another fabulous hijab fashion tip came from one of my readers that visited Egypt earlier this year. Egyptian street fashion pictures, yaaaay!

I really like the last green outfit, but not the boots. You have no idea how me and my friend struggled to find ok looking footwear for the winter when living in Cairo. The boots are just too long and pointy over there…

Do you like the Egyptian style?

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31 thoughts on “Egyptian hijab street style

  1. I love the second photo! That’s SO my style!

    I hit up LL Bean for shoes becuase they have sensable and relatively “non sexy” footwear that works with hijab.

    I’ve been wearing my kaftan from Desert Store ~ I look like I’m pretending to be Arabian hehehe! I love them!!

  2. Oh my word! I just saw the long ponity boots in the last pic!! How do women WALK in those things?!?!?!! Ouch!

  3. Saliha says:

    I like the second and third picture. It looks like the girl in brown is wearing a khimaar, or did she just pull her abaya over her head? I love the look. 😉

  4. Zaenab says:

    yeh its nice, i cant stand it when people wear denim with denim but all the other pics are cute xx

  5. Umm Kadhim says:

    Assalaam alaykum

    I adore the esdel. (the brown one) I visited Egypt in april and I bought 3 esdels. It is by the way not a khimar.


  6. yes ,i like egyptian style,but if is ok,and hijab hijab…But hijab which is not ”hijab” it’s not so nice for me!I was there ,i lived there,and there a lot of hijab styles indeed…But different …….

  7. ammena says:

    masha’allah, I love the second pic.. and the pink dress combo in the 4th pic 🙂 so me 😛 I really dont like the denim over denim either, its just too much! Totally agree with u about the boots, and dont understand why women wear calf length skirts over knee length boots… doesnt make sense!!

  8. Saliha says:

    Alaikum salam Umm Kadhim. So that’s what it is called, thank you! Never seen or heard of it before, it is beautiful masha’Allah.

  9. Celeritas says:

    There’s some great purple looks there too and I like the esdel too, woah purple esdel would be great!

  10. jessyz says:

    hehehe i know about the boots, I spent 2 winters in a row trying to buy sensible boots and failed miserably. My friends and I always wonder where normal working women buy their shoes in Egypt.

  11. *~Ange~* says:

    the boots are fugly..
    and i wouldnt call most of that ‘fashion’ because it isnt very stylish and most of them dont know how to match pieces together nicely.

  12. Kate says:

    I like the second picture, i love those skirts and how they are so nice looking, although for some reason, i haven’t been able to find any that i like here or that look nice on me. I live in the U.S. and you’d think i’d be able to find SOMETHING!

    But i am a new revert to Islam, so just starting to wear hijab, so i am still adapting ;] these pictures help a lot because i can get a sense of what I am supposed to be wearing, and also what is nice looking.

  13. Muha says:

    I am so impressed with those who can make the isdaal (overhead-abaya) stay so nicely on. I just cant get it. And my hubby looves them, he thinks its so good covering, and likes when I wear them, but… I just feel like an elephant in a saree with those.

  14. Megan says:

    I agree about the second picture, and I like seeing how other ordinary women wear their hijab.

  15. madame says:

    i agree with ange…the pic arent stylish..

  16. Kholod says:

    What is esdel guys?!!!!

  17. Muha says:

    Kholod, the esdel/isdal/isdaal is the “overhead abaya”, an abaya that goes from the head and down all the way. Kind of like a khimar (what is also known as the Somali Jilbab) with arms. Looks so good, specially with niqaab!

  18. Candice says:

    I like Egyptian style! I think it’s very interesting to look at, even if it’s not all “my style”. I love the skirts there. I got my fave skirt in Egypt and it’s just really comfy and covers well. And it’s not those super low rise skirts that annoy me. I had a lot of fun looking at the Egyptian fashion on the streets while I was there. How they place their hijab, how they match the scarf with their clothes, how they layer, etc. It’s inspiration!
    I quite like the look of the iqaal too, with the scarf and purse matching. So modest, but still stylish. Quite a few young women in Egypt wore that.

  19. Muha says:

    I see a lot of those isdals/overhead abayas when I am in Oslo, lots of young girls use it, specialy somalis, mashaAllah. It is so pretty, and so in synq with the share’eahs demands to a womans clothing. I heard shaykhs say it is the closest thing to the garnment of the Sahaba.

  20. Kholod says:

    Thank U Muha for the explanation 🙂
    Isdals are what I would call abaya. They look very comfortable, practical and time saving.

  21. hani says:

    Nice. I want an isdal. 😀 It looks super comfy.

  22. Umm Kadhim says:

    assalaam alaykum

    Well sister Celeritas….I have a purple esdel 🙂
    You can buy them in almost every colour. (I have a black one, green and purple one) soooo cute!!!

    Oh and sister Muha just use some pins.
    Some girls wear their esdel and on top of it a shawl. So lovely.


  23. Muha says:

    Pins? Ok, I got to try. I have one black, one purple and one blue laying around here. Tried selling two of them on Ebay, sold one, but not the other hehe… The black one is a little bit tall for me. But its one of those kinds with a “buildt in” underscarf, if you see what I mean?

  24. roks says:

    is that what it’s called isdel. i just thought it was called Abayatul-ra’as (translated head abaya) that’s what we called it in Saudi.

  25. eskandarania says:

    its really a nice way of tying tarha thanx for those spectacular pictures

  26. zainab1 says:

    as salamu alaikum sisters i also love the brown esdel i own 2 of them iam fairly new to islam alhamdullilah does any of you sisters have any suggestions on how to keep the esdel up on your head with out falling down shukrn as salamu alaikum

  27. Wow kl style, lot of trendy ideas, i live in london n keeping up wiv fashion can be a struggle somtimes.

  28. Well, i would like to say that i really like the different styles in the pictures, I would like to learn how to do them. If someone can teach me to do them, then that would be great. Well I hope someone can teach me. Thank you

  29. Inez says:

    I bought an Isdal from the Islamicboutique off of Ebay…but I can’t get it to stop slipping off…any suggestions?

  30. Asma says:

    The styles are cute, I really like what you’ve been calling the esdel… it feels like a true hijab. I also love those skirts teamed with striped tops. However, if I were to wear something like that, I would let my hijab would fall lower over the chest and not so high up like in the photos.

    Denim over denim, not for me =P but rather I’d go for a long, knee-length shirt or kurta over a pair of jeans.

    Thank you for sharing!

  31. amal says:

    I didn’t like any of the pictures .. They don’t represent all the Egyptian young women ..u r picturing simple women & girls ..They can never represent the fashion of Egyptians ..We have really elegant styles of hijab…see this
    & this
    u’ll say she’s an actress but we really see elegant & stylish young women in our streets ,even more stylish & fashionable than 7ala Shi7a & Hanan Turk ……The point is, the Egyptian street have different styles when it come to hijab ..U need to cover all styles in order to judge “Egyptian hijab street style ” …
    yea ,for this dear woman who wonders how we get our shoes … Well , we get amazing shoes from Abas el Aqad in Nasr City in Cairo ,shopping malls like City Stars ,city Centre , Gnena mall ,etc & many other streets …

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