Malaysian tudung celebs

Malaysia has got a lot of celebs, and of course they have their share of hijab (or tudung) wearing ones.

Upper left; Norzie Pak Wan Chek, Upper right; Salima, 2nd row from top left; Aniza Idris, 2nd row from top right; Bienda, 2nd row from bottom left; Ina Naim, 2nd row from bottom right; Waheeda, bottom left; Nora, bottom right; Norjuma.

Do you like their style?

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9 thoughts on “Malaysian tudung celebs

  1. The bunny-ear hijab is by far the best ever!! Where can I get one?!

  2. Saliha says:

    I love the Malay style, it is so simple yet elegant! The last picture is just ‘wow’.

  3. Kholod says:

    I agree with Saliha! The golden beige dress in the last picture is just SOOO chic and VERY glamourous! Her hijab and her dress are so elegantly matched together. God bless her for her sence of elegance.


  4. shum says:

    wow they are so beautiful mashallah, didnt realise their gals were so pretty alhamdullilah x

  5. Hijab Chic says:

    so cute!
    i love the baby pink hijab with lace šŸ™‚

  6. pinkpesona says:

    the last lady standing next to norjuma is wardina syafeeyah…

  7. fatima or pinky says:

    salam to everyone.yeah malaysian tudung is very simple yet elegant.iwnt many times to malaysia but then my tudung is getting faded already coz i used everyday.can anyone help me where can i buy or how can i buy or can anyone help me for tudung.i want colors green,yellow,red,pink,blue,maroon and black..i want with tiny bead at the currently working and staying in dubai.if somebody can help about this kindly email me thru my email add.we will discuss later the expenses.heres my email add…

  8. Yes it’s trendy as it goes. The are range of tudung and selendang now in the market.

    They come in verity of fashion and colors with gems stone that makes it exclusive. Some are cheap and expensive but the quality is always the best.

    What makes the malaysian tudung out of the ordinary is how they use the tudung making it trendy all the way. Having a simple tudung but putting some effort how to use the tudung is the best practice. Have a look at our site whereby we do give out some tips on how-to tudung and selendang.

  9. I love the style of the blue hijab on the right, second one down, I’ve worn the hijab in this way, but it’s hard to find high collar shirts in pretty colors.

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