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No matter what style of hijab you prefer; if you want to look neat and tidy, you will need hijab pins. I still didn’t get my hands on the most elegant ones, I still use the small “crystal” ones I got from Egypt. But here is what you can try, to accessorize your hijab;

These elegant pins are from Pinz Pinz Pinz.

And these are from YuniQ Creations.

You know, you don’t even have to buy these pins, you can use your earrings too…

Did you get your hands on some fancy hijab pins yet?

This is a hijab fashion tip from a reader.

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7 thoughts on “Pin it!

  1. ammena says:

    masha’allah.. i get my pins mostly from masha’allah they are soo cute and decently priced. They also do clothes, and the money goes towards the home education of this couples kids who are all so adorable masha’allah.

  2. Mina says:

    They look nice, I usually get mine from Dubai whenever my mum goes there, the ones in the uk are ok but low quality…Theres dis great shop in dubai where you choose what style of pins you want and they make it right there on the spot!!!

  3. I bought regular hijab pins and they don’t work well because they’re too short. But then I found hijab pins that are longer and have caps just like most of the ones you show above and they not only look good but they work GREAT! Although I’ll admit that I struggle to apply the cap while staring in the mirror. It’s that whole backwards-mirror-effect thing hahaha!

  4. Saliha says:

    They are very pretty masha’Allah. I like the style of the third and sixth pin. I’ve seen them before on other sisters but never found them in the stores. How do they work? Do you ‘close’ the pin with the other end so it doesn’t stick out, kind of like a safety pin?

  5. Celeritas says:

    There is a sister in my community who makes these sorts of pins so I buy from her. I have however lost them in my house argh!

  6. Spring says:

    Thanks! I’ve been fruitlessly Googling for pins, and then it occurred to me to look here. Success!

  7. please see for a huge selection of hijab pins and they are on sale right now!

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