Great galabiyas

If you want a really beautiful galabiya (or jalabiya), try Beenas. These are Emirati designs fit for queens 🙂

While a few of their galabiyas should be worn to women only-occations, many of their designs are great with hijab…. Just check out their page, it’s wonderfully much to choose from.

Do you like these galabiyas?

This is another hijab fashion tip from a devoted reader.

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15 thoughts on “Great galabiyas

  1. Hijab Chic says:

    ahh, beautiful!
    the first 2 of them were simply GORGEOUS! 🙂

  2. Hananita says:

    Oh, i wish they had an online store 😦 Loved the one in purple. So classy but still young. Thanks for sharing!

  3. *~Ange~* says:

    man i wanna go shopping in the middle east!!!!

  4. Habayeb says:

    is this a hijab tip? 😛

  5. Saliha says:

    So beautiful, especially 3 and 6.

  6. Mina says:

    I love the last 2, it would be perfect with a matching hijab of a similar colour…

  7. Kholod says:

    Heavenly styles! I love them. They would fit perfectly for my katb ktaab! 🙂

  8. After I win the lottery…

  9. flifla says:

    salam yeah amazing too bad there is not prices maybe they avoid to indicated it in a way to let us dreaming more

  10. bb-aisha says:

    these are stunning. i wore abaya on/off & wish these styles were available in SA. I tried sewing my own but the dressmaker could never understand my vision. Once I bought the most beautiful fabric & he messed it up-it ended up looking like a dressing gown!

  11. beenas says:


  12. Very cute and awesome styles! it’s not everyday that I get to find clothes online that captures my attention 🙂

  13. Monica says:

    I visited the web-site and the collection is FABULOUS. Outstanding work. The fabrics are lovely. The color combinaitons are wonderful. Some of the combination I saw I would never thing to put together and look as good as they do. I love that even being that they are not quiet so form fitting, they are elegant. That more than anything makes the person!


  14. Lyn Paulsin says:

    we are very interested in pruchasing the wonderful exotic gowns these piecture. we are sailing the Nile and there is an Egyptian Night where we can wear costumes or dress in tradtional Galabiyas. Price is not a real issue just something wonderfully exoctic. thank you

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