Easy hijab styles

These are hijab styles that should not be too difficult to manage (the last style is the exception), but at the same time they look fabulous…

I think the fitst one is really cute, but if you are going for this look, you should avoid the hair peeping out.

What do you think? Are any of these hijab styles for you?

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29 thoughts on “Easy hijab styles

  1. Kate says:

    I really like the green and white one, second row, on the left. It is beautiful, if i could only do it myself!

  2. Candice says:

    I like the second one. The others are so “fluffy”. I don’t like fluffy hair much and I don’t like fluffy hijab more than that. With the first one, I can’t help but think that she should remove all of that and just keep the black one she has on and it would look much better. Classic and simple.

  3. Zaenab says:

    these are very beautiful styles, not sure about how easy though lol

  4. I agree with Candace, too fluffy for me (with the exception of the second one). I already have a round face, adding all that material will make my face look like a full moon, lol.

  5. Megan says:

    They are mostly too bulky (except for the top right), and would probably look ridiculous. And way too much makeup! Good for inspiration though, toned down a bit.

  6. Muha says:

    I am trying and trying, because I am preparing my outfit for Eid, and I need something to cover my head, but neck can be open, its not a problem for me… And I have tried to make some of these fancy pancy looks, but I am hopeless… I am such a clump when it comes to such things.

  7. Kholod says:

    U’re not alone! I am still stuck with the traditional shayla style becoz every time I try something new, I end up sweaty and frustrated with a BIG mess on my head. YES I want something new for EID tooooooo! I have so many scarves and bandanas but doing it right is HARD!


  8. Muha says:

    I have get two amaezing somali outfits, and I will wear them at the Eid-party, but I must cover atleast my hair, because non-muslim womens will be there too, so I feel like covering up a bit, but…

    Well, I found an easy solution though. I bought some ready-made fancypancy “hijabs” on Ebay, from this lovely supplier in Hong Kong, she is just so sweet. She has the cutest little hijabs for small girls too.

  9. basbousa says:

    Haha, Muha, I never knew we shop at the same places… 😀

  10. Muha says:

    Hehe… I love her store, her hijabs are great for my girls (and I sell some too, to my friends) and great gifts to other girls. And I love her “cemo-turbans”, I bought two of them to match my somali outfits. 😀

  11. Kholod says:


    This is what I was looking for!!! READY TO WEAR STYLES!
    Is it easy to buy at Ebay?! Is it safe?!
    Plz tell me more! I would reallyyyyyyyy appreciate it!


  12. Muha says:

    I have been using Ebay for the past six-seven months, and I think its safe. I have been cheated once though, never got it, and it was posted later again, because I won the abaya, but she did not want to send it to me because she felt that it was too cheap. Its not my fault she listed it with a minimum-price of 0,99 dollar, is it? lol.

    But that seller is kicked out now, so I think ebay is safe. Check ratings, and read rating-comments too. Go for those with 99,5% score or more, atleast in the begining.

    I used that buyer I linked to, many times, and she is great. Mark as gift, so no custom nothing 😀 And it comes within three weeks maximum, from Hong Kong.

  13. Kholod says:

    Thank U very much Muha for the info. I have been for ready made hijab styles everywhere but never found such. I looked for them in Jordan, but none had them. And here they are on Ebay! One click away from me 🙂 Jazaki Allaho khayran sis 🙂

  14. Aida says:

    These styles look wonderful, does anyone know step by step instructions on how to do these yourself. Also Muha jazakumAllah khayran for the ebay link that was sooo helpful, something I have been looking for for quite some time :).

  15. basbousa says:

    It’s not just important to check if the seller has got high ratings… You should also check how many items he/she has sold.. If it’s a lot, the seller will not want to cancel the account or hurt the rating… And you will be safe.

  16. UmmK says:

    Yes, look at the whole picture. Rating, number of transactions, and comments!

  17. Muha says:

    And that last comment would be mine hehe. used my msn-login hehe.

  18. Lily says:

    Check out this website – http://www.EasyHijabStyles.com. THey have an ebook which shows how to wear your hijab using square scarves and shaylas. The good thing is that all styles cover chest which is a requirement of the Syariah. The styles are easy to do and look good!

  19. lauren says:

    i love all of these…i went to eid prayer this morning and GOSH, women are just so creative when it comes to dress and hijabs…i love the hijabs…i have a round-face,but i love trying new things…i love different styles of hijab…i hate that women defeat the purpose of hijab when they wear heavy makeup…naTURAl…i wear makeup, but there is a boundary…i went to an eid-party lastnite and i loved it..henna was being applied, hair being done, eyebrows waxe…omg, this is my 3rd month being muslim and it is LOVELY!!!

  20. Ayesha says:

    i really love the last one!!!! however the ways in which to wear the hijab in these styles should also be there so we can actually try them on ourselves.

  21. alina says:

    Aslmkm ………..i think these hair styles are not for the girls who do hijab .plz first know the meaning of hijab.hijab means every part of ur body should be covered except ur face and palms.please do not follow these types of hairstyles on the name of HIJAB…… jazakALLAH

  22. wassila_sumaya says:

    ola somos chicas marroquinas i vivimos en barcelona i nos gusta mucho buestro style esperemos q pongais esto en castellano que queremos entender chukran salm.

  23. Heely says:

    hi their,

    i really really really like the different styles of hijab in da above pictures but can someone show it step by step so dat we can try them too.

    i really like the second and last one but i dont know how it works1
    can someone help me plsss cos i really want to try out different styles hijab wen i go to school.


  24. hind says:

    hi this is a very very hijeb this is really like the different styles of hijab think you

  25. Nelly45 says:

    These hijab styles are toooooooooo extreme, with make-up and it isn’t according to the Quran. But the styles themselves rock alot! i think i’ll try them(if they’re not so hard 4 me!)! LOL

  26. Anne Shore says:

    i like the first one i wear it alot. i vistied israel for a few weeks while with my family to more “cutltured” we bought a head scarf thicker then the hijab but i like it.

    ps. i am american jew i am not muslim. but love the style of hijab so pretty it accentuates the bueatiful colors of our faces

  27. zuwena says:

    i really like the red one

  28. taya says:

    When I have a hard time wrapping mine, I ask a friend for help, and get creative as possible! If the shawl wont fall right, I fold it into loops and pin it to the top of my head. I also made my own bands that go under, so I dont have to try to fold the fabric in complicated ways, just sew the bunches and such to a head band, put it over a basic shawl then lay something colorful over that. It makes it look like a designer hijab without the frustration. You may want to think about getting a form, they sell the plastic heads very cheaply, and practice your new styles on that, it is a lot less frustrating than experimenting on your own head!! When I get so frustrated I just want to throw my shawls, I wrap it very simply and pin some flowers or ribbons on, I only have like 4 scraves, so options are not bountiful for me, but with the right accents even the most limited wardrobe can be a confidence boost.

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