Kuwaiti design fit for hijab

I love and adore and love even more the designs of Dar Usha, an exclusive boutique situated in an old historical house in Kuwait. They balance modernity and tradition, East and West perfectly. Most of their clothing can be adapted to fit hijabis…

I have no word to describe how much I want the outfit with the pants, or at least only the pants. What do you think about the designs of Dar Usha?

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9 thoughts on “Kuwaiti design fit for hijab

  1. Habayeb says:

    I love the pants! so comfy! and love the second last outfit!

  2. ammena says:

    the pants?? oooh sis lol.. i love the second pic wiht the 2 girls, that green dress is gorgeous masha’allah, whats the site for this shop??

  3. basbousa says:

    Unfortunately it’s not up yet, but the adress is http://www.darusha.com.

  4. Candice says:

    I have trouble getting past the pictures and the way the models are placed or the way they look to really imagine the clothes as clothes… But I like the second-to-last one. Colourful and nice.

  5. Alita-Saleema says:

    They are also on facebook: http://www.new.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3374671&op=2&o=all&view=all&subj=2342518742&aid=-1&oid=2342518742&id=672485141#/group.php?gid=2342518742

    I like the outfits 1, 2 and 3. But the pants? The first thing what i got in my head was this:

  6. basbousa says:

    Tanks for the links Alita 😀 LoL, Mc Hammer. No but seriously, I know I could work those pants!!!!

  7. Alita-Saleema says:

    No Prob, Sis basbousa.

    I think i have to audit my opinion: the more i look at the pants the more beautifuller i find them.

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  9. Iman says:

    Jeg synes spesielt den lilla kjolen var fin. 🙂 Det jeg tenker er at den type klær ser veldig fine ut på bilder, men jeg synes det blir annerledes på meg – i Norge. Da blir det litt for spesielt og skiller meg litt for mye ut. Jeg liker best klær som jeg gjør at jeg ikke skiller meg så mye ut, for eksempel bomullsklær med myke farger og broderier. Så jeg synes det er fint, men jeg synes det er noe helt annet å gå med det på t-banen i Oslo (som man ofte må hvis man skal på besøk til noen. xD) Forresten, har du sett hjemmesiden til Maysaa? De har også en del kule klær, litt stilrent.

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