Islamic Moon – Get some creative hijab help

I read a very interesting article about a Danish-Palestinian woman called Samar Safar and her business, the internet based hijab design of Islamic Moon. I’m really sorry guys, all the info is in Danish 😦 But this girl seems very creative, and arranges everything from shopping days, to color analysis, and to drawing and making your dream hijab outfit. Here are some of her designs;

How in the world can somebody combine ancient and traditional head covering with the latest new fashions from the western world’s catwalks? That was the question which inspired 28-year old designer and color consultant Samar Safar to develop a design concept for Muslim women who wish to wear a headscarf, but at the same time, want to look hip and modern in their clothing.

Today she runs “Islamic Moon” – an internet based design company, which as the first of its type in Denmark offers designs which can be worn either with or without a Muslim headscarf – hijab.

“Many of my designs can be quickly adjusted, so the women can have the hijab on when they are out, but then let their hair out when they are home or visiting family. In this way the design adapts Muslim culture at the same time that it takes into account the individual woman’s wish for clothing. For example fit, color and cut” says Samar Safar. Read more here.

Personally I think it’s wonderful that sisters around the world find creative ways to promote the hijab and to make money 🙂 Some of her designs look cool, but I wish she had pictures of the real thing (like what she has produced earlier).

What do you think?

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7 thoughts on “Islamic Moon – Get some creative hijab help

  1. hani says:

    I love this. Some of the designs look cool. like the hijab/cape. Wish it was in english though.

  2. Kholod says:

    Dear Basbousa,

    Do U have any idea about her prices?!
    She appears to be proffesional and she would be a perfect asset for the muslim bride in Scandinavia.


  3. Saliha says:

    All the designs are very beautiful, this sister is truly talented masha’Allah.

  4. Celeritas says:

    Wow, what a wonderful sister mashallah! She may in fact speak English, perhaps she could be persuaded to do some work in English.

  5. flifla says:

    salam great
    but who is able to give me the name of that awesome anasheed we can hear on the site?!!!

  6. flifla says:

    i really was about to call horacio caine, but it is ok i found it Hamza Robertson- Your Beauty

  7. basbousa says:

    It’s likely that she speaks good English, since she grew up in a Scandinavian country.

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