Where did the Jumanah hijab fashion magazine go?

Did anyone of you hear about Jumanah Magazine? It was supposed to be an english language fashion magazine for veiled women… There was some fuzz about it in 2004, but I cannot find more recent articles about it. After finding some pictures, I was even sadder that the magazine had disappeared:

Those pictures look a whole lot more artistic and interesting than the Hegab fashion magazine. I want it…

Does anybody know what happened to it?

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6 thoughts on “Where did the Jumanah hijab fashion magazine go?

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  2. Saliha says:

    Wow, nice pictures, and that for a 2004 issue.. Looks so much better than the Hijab Fashion Mag indeed.

  3. Yeah… the hijab fashion magazine is getting rather redundant. I hope they do something a bit different with the next issue! This mag looks great! Too bad it’s gone missing…

  4. Muha says:

    Hm. I never heard of it, I think. I knew of a magazine called Jummuah/Jummah or something, but it was not about fashion. More political, I think.

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  6. Amal~Hopes says:

    salaam…jus wanted 2 ask, where can i find this hijab magazine?…da styles r very cute.

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