Eccentric Iranian fashion

I found this article about more restrictions on Iranian catwalks. What’s more interesting are the eccentric pictures accompanying the article, from the fashion house 12ins. I don’t read Farsi, but I was able to find the gallery.

Wow, wow, woooooow. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry 🙂 Those designs make me think about 1001 nights, mixed with Alice in wonderland, mixed with ancient Egypt!!!!!

All the models wear some kind of hijab or headgear, but hmmmm… Don’t try this at home.

What do you think of their designs? Even though I think it looks ridiculous, I still can’t stop looking. There are so many details and vivid colors.

OHHHHHH, and niqabis watch out, do not try out the turqouise bearded look!

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19 thoughts on “Eccentric Iranian fashion

  1. Saliha says:

    Lol the turquoise bearded look is so weird. And the last pic looks like a scene from The Wizard of Oz.

    I do think it’s a wonderful way to express one’s creativity. But it’s not exactly pret-a-porter fashion haha.

  2. Kate says:

    Haha the one with the metal spiral look on her head, is a bit scary. It looks like it would give me a headache. Or like she should put it in the tool drawer after she is done! The head gear is scary, but some of the dresses (without the gear) would be very nice dresses, I think.

    Also, the Beard is very Odd…i didnt catch that at first and i had to go back and look!

  3. curiousmuslimah says:

    Wow….that’s….something. I don’t know what yet but it’s something!

  4. Kholod says:


    PLZZZZZZZZ ask Ur dear blog visitors about thier best tip for how to storage and keep hijabs, where they are neatly folded and their colors are easily shown.
    I have BIG difficulties in storing my +30 hijabs in my closet. Every time I am there to pick one, I mess them all to get the one at the bottom, or I miss one nice hijab becoz I didn’t its color properly.

    How do U do it guys?? How do U fold ur pashmina hijabs and ur satin ones?! How do U store ur shaylas? Folded? Hanged? !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. basbousa says:

    Kholod, this is what I do
    I used to fold the scarves before, but it lead to a lot of frustration, because I kept messing up the ones on the top every time I wanted to use a scarf that was underneath the top layer…

    I got 5 of these from IKEA, they’re great-

  6. Janan says:

    I am in total Awwwwwwe…….This is amazing!!!!!! Absolutley Gorgeous! Art at its best!! I’m telling you, we Hijabi bloggers need to make a ‘hijabi blogger directory’ so that we can easily find each others blogs and share this type of excitement!…

    O this is actually the first time I’ve seen your blog, kudos its really nice!! mashallah…

  7. Candice says:

    I echo curiousmuslimah. That is “something”, I just don’t know what.

  8. *~Ange~* says:

    the designer knows drugs are haram right?

  9. NUR says:

    very Babylonian bizarre 🙂

  10. Kholod says:

    Great tip Basbousa! THANK U 🙂
    I live in Stockholm, so IKEA is like 20 mins away from me 😉


  11. basbousa says:

    Ange; Thats hillarious 😀
    Kholod; I’m glad I could help, the product is called KOMPLEMENT

  12. f.m. says:

    why do you keep deleting my comments everytime i write one?

  13. basbousa says:

    f.m – I’m sorry, I don’t delete comments. I have a spam filter that removes even normal comments sometimes, though! Sooo sorry!

  14. Janan says:

    Okay so like I commented on this a few days ago and like I had a nightmare about it last night..OMG..I was terrified. there were these alien like people chasing me telling me to eat something and Omg.. it was horrifying! LOL

  15. Fatemeh says:

    The designer’s influences are aggrandized caricatures of pre-Islamic Iranian culture. Here’s an interesting article on this in Iranian culture:

  16. lauren says:

    i don’t understand the look they were aiming for!!! i don’t really like this at all!!!

  17. […] Iranian designers have new rules to follow on the catwalk. Via The Hijablog. […]

  18. caraboska says:

    Yes, I almost fell off the sofa laughing at Ange’s take on the matter 😀 I thought some of the stuff looked vaguely… Ancient Egyptian or something, but I guess that was really Babylonian. But really, some of it looks like something out ‘The Nutcracker’! (The ballet, I mean).

  19. D.T. Gamble says:

    the hell???

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