How to wrap a “gravity defying” hijab

Yasmine over at Sweep the sunshinedemonstrates how to wrap a gravity defying hijab. It’s not as crazy as it sounds… It is a “Spanish hijab” bun style made with a pashmina or fake pashmina shawl that really gives volume. Do remember to wear a turtleneck top or sweater..

This is how it could look like

You know, when I was a hijab newbie, I never understood how an under scarf could help you big time with making the hijab stay on place… I made something like this to work (my colleague Vania’s favorite, she always complimented on how fly it looked), wrapping it really really really hard so that I didn’t even needed to pin it… And I asked myself why the headaches kept coming???!!

What do you think about this style?

This is another useful hijab tip from one of our readers.

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9 thoughts on “How to wrap a “gravity defying” hijab

  1. Saliha says:

    Pretty! It looks very regal, kind of like an African turban wrap. And I love the pashmina in the vid.

  2. Kholod says:

    STYLISH! I like the African turban model! Exotic!


  3. Kate says:

    Ohh, i am going to try this, I love it! and i just bought new turtle necked shirts! Yippie ;]

  4. curiousmuslimah says:

    i am going to try this as well…I wonder f it will work with my

  5. basbousa says:

    Curiousmuslimah, I think it should work very well with your afro.

  6. yasmine says:

    =) glad you all like the headwrap! i hope it works, for those of you trying it out, too. let me know!

    the pashminas are ROCKING for headwrapping, because the thicker fabric provides some cushion over your ears. whereas i originally started out doing headwraps with really thin scarves, and the edges used to cut into my ears and give me headaches, too, because i couldn’t properly gauge how tightly to wrap them, so i’d wrap too tightly. =/

    it takes a few headwrapping sessions, but after a bit you easily get the hang of just how tight you need the scarf to be. i am headache-free! =)

  7. Rabi'a says:

    Alhamdulilah! Something for the super long haired sisters! I do something similar with knitted “Rasta” scarves, like these (

  8. Hibah says:

    it looks so pretty and colorful

  9. diarra says:

    it’s even easier if you use a khaleeji clip (i’m chinese and have really thin hair that would never otherwise support the wrap. the clips are great!
    just a suggestion 😀

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