More fantastic galabiyat

I just discovered a new site featuring UAE designed galabiyas, Dar Al Howduj. Besides from having 4 major outlets in the UAE, they also offer online shopping… Yaaaay for us that don’t live in the Gulf! Unfortunately Eid is a little bit too close to start ordering now :S

As you can see, their designs are lovely. Do check out their site for much more!

Are you liking their galabiyas?

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4 thoughts on “More fantastic galabiyat

  1. Habayeb says:

    cool, thx ill try visiting them in one of the malls they have their outlet in to check the prices.

  2. Najm-us-Sahar Imtiaz says:

    nice collection!!!! some of the design are awsome. bytheway all models on their sites are from pakistan……..

  3. Janan says:

    Wowwww!! very beautiful!! I just posted some galabiyas that can be found in a los angelos beutique.. they are from Artizara.. but wow..these are really nice!

  4. hani says:

    very nice! loving the purple shade.

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