Eastern European party hijab

This might very well not be Eastern European (my guess is that it’s not), but the style makes old Russian and Eastern European upperclass style come to my mind.

I just love the two red dresses, although the bottom hijab reminds me about the Pope’s hat 😀 I also love how they managed to cover the neck in the first outfit. That turban is hawt!

What do you think?

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11 thoughts on “Eastern European party hijab

  1. anuszka says:

    The middle one might equally well have belonged to a 17-century Polish noble woman.

    I saw these dresses on a Turkish website. They are probably inspired by traditional Turkish clothing. And in fact, in 17. century there were great wars between Poland and Turkey which paradoxically brought both cultures closer. Polish noblemen at that time used to wear Turkish style clothes.

  2. basbousa says:

    Anuszka; thanks for the information 🙂

  3. Habayeb says:

    i love the purple one.

  4. diddelidoo says:

    When it really is turkish 7enna wear.. its called BINDALLI and worn at the 7enna night. theres also the 1s without the puffy skirt… search for bindalli and ull see more types.

  5. Janan says:

    I am syrian but Originally we are from Turkiye, although we live in usa. But anywho, These dresses remind me of Turkish wedding gowns! Like way out in the country with the tribe people, this is sort of the style of gowns they were!

  6. ania says:

    The middle one really resembles a Polish style, MashaAllah – so nice to see it from hijab perspective. thanks Basbousa

  7. Kathleen says:

    You need a hoopskirt for these to work properly. If you decide to go with these – and they are gorgeous – make sure you have time to practice moving in the skirts. Especially sitting down, because if you aren’t careful, you’ll end up with the hoop hitting you in the nose. And that would be baaaaad! But there’s nothing like hoops to enforce personal space!

  8. Hijab Chic says:

    the first one was real pretty 🙂

  9. caraboska says:

    Czy ja sobie to wyobrazam, czy na tym blogu wykrylam wlasnie co najmniej jeszcze dwie osoby majace cos konkretnego do czynienia z Polska???

    Am I imagining things, or did I just discover at least two more people having something concrete to do with Poland on this blog???

  10. rabab says:

    i just loooove them two dresses seriously
    it reminds me when once spain was a muslim country princesses had the same kind of dresses

  11. truly java says:

    Mmm..nice party gawn..i think its rather similar style with Indonesian Muslimah wear in their wedding party.. I my self prefer egyptian style and Saudi hijab style

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