More Moroccan/North African clothing

There is more to Moroccan clothing than the breathtaking takchita. They also have the plainer, more casual djellaba and caftan..

Even though it’s not princesslike as the takchita it’s still beautiful, and even more suitable for hijab.

Girls, you don’t have to use the same color hijab as the rest of your outfit… To make it look really good, use two scarves; one in the outfit color and another in a whole different color (try to make that whole different color match the outfit, though, and make some other details the same color as well)….

Like it?

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9 thoughts on “More Moroccan/North African clothing

  1. Janan says:

    I’m actually not to fond of these. They seem rather plain. Everyday, everyone type of style.

  2. Celeritas says:

    I really like these, although I’m sure Indian Kurti are alot cheaper.

  3. I really love the turqoise the last one… i have a question…why they try to selll at the hijabi ….with models without hijab????
    AAAAhhh hate that! Without hijab is not right! lol:P

  4. caraboska says:

    I’m assuming that the reason the models are not wearing hijab in the pictures is because these dresses are not meant as jilbab, but rather as something to wear when you don’t need hijab, or for under your abaya. I mean, I can’t imagine wearing any of those four outfits over anything else – they’re just not cut right…

  5. Nour says:

    The moroccan Kaftan is meant to be worn at weddings and parties. Think of it as a kind of prom dress, or some similar type of formal attire.

    As for the djellaba, it is quite normal in morocco to see women with hijabs that match their djellabas. These garments are not plain at all. The buttons down the front (sfifa) are HAND MADE!

  6. steva says:

    wow these are really cool

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