Colorful hijab wraps

Here are some new tudung or hijab styles for you to try:

Aren’t these looks extremely cute and colorful? Would you try any of this?

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15 thoughts on “Colorful hijab wraps

  1. julaybeeba says:

    i absolutely love the last sacrf

  2. ahysa says:

    wow, really pretty! id’d do the first and last two ones maybe…but i don’t like the third one thats blue. i don’t know why but her head looks rather erm…large.

  3. Kate says:

    I really like the first pink one and the red one after it. They are very simple but very pretty! I also like the Yellow one with the bow. That is neat but still simple and pretty.

  4. Fatima says:

    Salaam Alaikum guys… WOW these scraf styles are amazing….its a shame that we dont have any hijab magazines in England, i just always end up wearing my Black Pashmina scraf…….i love the thing to death…LOL……

  5. ween says:

    Hye, I was interested to try out all the tutorials but the font size are so small and hard to read. BTW thanks for sharing. Love this blog 🙂

  6. Mafaza says:


    really i like the yellow one with the bow wrap.. i like to know the way of wrapping if anyone know please explain me. the reason to love it is it has a neat oval over the forehead i wanna know how to make it oval neat & perfect. because I’m sure we cant take that out look just with a scarf material. i wanna know the bottom part also how to make that bow.


  7. Q says:


    I also have the same question, what is used under the hijab to make it so smart at the front, with the oval shape or soemtimes i have seen sisters with near perfect pointed shapes. I was told once they put a piece in the hijab to make it like this can someone plese explain, what this is and where can i get one from?


  8. Nazeerah says:

    wohoho I could maximize the image, thankfully I can understand malay kikikiki…. I really love the arab style coz I normally use the rectangular ones. Square ones are hard for me to manipulate….Mom, can I have more new scarfs 😛

  9. Madiha M.K says:

    OMG these look SO much better than the Muslim Girl magazine. AHHH FINALLY lol. The magazine looks wonderful! I’d totally let my daughter read this instead! THANK YOU!

  10. Yusri says:

    Incredible blog site. Really enjoyed ever single page of it. And I want to marry any Arab girls here. Looking for who are loves Religion. Email me at . Thank you! Jazakallah.

  11. aini says:

    all this fashion very nice to look and comfort to wear….

  12. sanaa says:

    yes i would like to learn todo all of them

  13. habibi says:

    i absolutely LOVE these arab styles.. better try them out now!! lol x

  14. Y? says:

    This is cool! We are doing a school project, and we will be wearing Hijabs. I think I might just wear it for a whole week, just because it makes sence.


  15. nabaa says:

    how do you do your head scarf styles

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