How to make your hijab stay up tudung style!

Yet another hijab tip. This time about where you can purchase that textile strip to make your tudung or hijab stay perfect and in place. Here is how it works;

And here is where to purchase it! Now your hijab doesn’t have to suffer through windy days any more.

Do you need something like that???

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6 thoughts on “How to make your hijab stay up tudung style!

  1. Saliha says:

    It looks good on the model, but I find it a bit too pointy, like a roof. I thought some Malay styles use something like that but in a round shape. Don’t know if it’s a full bonet or a structure like this one though.

    They sell the round one in Turkey too, but you have to put it in the front side of the folded headscarf and not underneath it (Turkish hijabs are mostly suare scarves folded into a triangle). And some even use hair spray to secure the front side of their hijab.

    I usually wear my hijab tightly to the forehead, so I don’t really need one. 😉 But I do like the concept.

  2. Kate says:

    I actually Just ordered two. I found out that it is in Singapore dollars so it says 2 for 10 dollars, but really it just two for 6 U.S. dollars! 1 dollar and 50 cent shipping! That is not bad at all. I looked it up. haha.

  3. jannah says:

    im trying to find the ones where you fold them into a mini triangle and pin it under the chin. would anyone know where i can buy those??

  4. Caasha says:

    I really love that point! Where online could I buy that from??

  5. alyadesigns says:

    Hi Thehijablog, I’m Islianah from Alya Designs. Thanks for putting that guide here!

    Caasha, you can purchase the Tudung Structure thru our website. We are based in Singapore but we do ship our products overseas. The shipping charges depend on your location and weight of items. 🙂

  6. Ann says:

    I am Christian However in our bible there is a passage on head covering that some of us follow and others don’t. it says that A women should not pray with her head uncovered and some figure since we are always praying we should wear head covering. I don’t know if I agree , however it is not a problem for me to wear one to churches that require it. We also have a passage on modesty. There are men in our religion who hold the women responsible for causing them to fall in lust.(the jury is still out on this reasoning) however since men are the authority over women I consider this notion as I explore head coverings like the hijab and full covering like the burqas as a solution for women under the authority of such men to wear these clothing in order to stop the men from falling into lust. It is only a theory but it would intrest me on how this would be excepted by christian women lol. I am considering the change.

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