Wearing the hijab with the police uniform

This is an article I found in the Norwegian media a couple of days ago. I wasn’t intending to post it, but after seeing the crazy reactions, I just had to;

Keltoum Hasnaoui Missoum came to Norway eight years ago. She has given birth to three children, and is in the process of acquiring entrance qualifications for higher education, and has worked as a security guard for various security companies. The big and only dream is to become a police woman.

On the table lies the file, containing all kinds of information and articles about the police force and police training, requirements and guidelines. The first print-out is from 2002.

”It is a deep desire I have had for many years, ” says Missoum. ”But I half gave up the idea when I decided to wear the hijab.”

”People associate the hijab with the suppression of women, and are therefore skeptical. I understand people’s skepticism, but it is based on lack of knowledge about what this is. The hijab is something I have chosen to wear myself. It is important for me and my relationship to my religion,” says Missoum.

“My husband’s opinion about it is irrelevant,” she says and laughs again. “He supports me one hundred per cent, and has offered to look after the children when I am studying,” says Keltoum Hasnaoui Missoum. Read more here.

Okaaay, so maybe it was not the wisest idea to take her photo with those festive clothes, cuz now a lot of people that lack imagination probably think that this woman wants to run around in these clothes when working in the Police??? I do not understand why they get all fired up, and talk about how hijab does not fit the uniform? I’ve already posted an article on the police hijab uniform in the UK, it doesn’t seem like a big deal there, and though it’s funny looking (the uniform is funny looking anyway), it still looks 100% like the same uniform.

Not just that, people are posting comments on posts about this article writing stuff like; yeah, how are THEY gonna react if a Norwegian goes to Saudi Arabia, and refuses to wear nothing but short skirts to work. Well, moron, most Muslim people I know do not view the rules of Saudi Arabia as “the right thing” either. To force people to wear or not to wear something is very wrong the way I see it. When that is said, I think most offices are not very fond of miniskirts if it is in Norway, America or in the Middle East. And as far as I know, there is no religion encouraging the followers to wear mini skirts either. I’m sorry, Norwegian blog reader, your argument is very weak….

And then there are even more extreme people, predicting war between “them and us”. Clearly, such people are in need of psychiatrists. I’m sorry but those people must suffer from paranoia. Just because a Muslim woman wants to wear her headscarf to work, doesn’t mean that Muslims will take over the country and impose Sharia law on the people.

Fortunately I saw a lot of positive, supporting comments around also. That’s good. And comments where people disagree, but still keep the discussion and their arguments on a mature and objective level. That’s good too, we all have our own opinions and discussions are healthy as long as they stay objective.

What do you think?!?!

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11 thoughts on “Wearing the hijab with the police uniform

  1. Kate says:

    I read this article somewhere else, and i couldnt find it again, I’m so glad that you posted it! I love the idea of a police women who is wearing her headscarf to work. she’s very brave i think

  2. Megan says:

    She is an inspiration 🙂 The willfull ignorance and hate of some people is shameful.

  3. Fatemeh says:

    I like your analysis of the comments here. Usually, I try not to read the comments because they just make me angry, even if there are good ones! 😀

  4. Laila says:

    I agree with the fact that you made a good argument back at people who said “well how are they going to react if someone wears shorts to Saudi Arabia” and you said “I dont agree with Saudi policy either” That was a fairly good one, for a while I couldn’t fight that argument since I didn’t know Saudi Arabia’s policies too well. Now it seems that even many Muslims oppose it for many reasons, such as forcing women to wear hijab… it seems very reasonable. After all, would we all like to be forced to wear shorts and miniskirts? 😀

  5. keltoum missoum says:

    well sisters,, thanks for suporting,, i was happy to read this.

  6. […] Norway wants to become a policewoman, but has been barred from doing so because of the scarf. Via The Hijablog. The same news outlet follows up: headscarves are allowed with […]

  7. legne says:

    I agree 100%. 😉 Luckily, I read your blog before I saw these articles, so I knew about the hooded hijab (in sports and swimming f.ex). I’ve linked your blog to the nay-sayers. It’s just ignorance, norwegians clearly need to be educated about the hijab. (I bet some people still think it’s forced)

    -Thea (not a muslim but still not an idiot)

  8. Harald Boehlke says:

    The hijab in the form that is now is causing debate is a political uniform for the militant islamist movement, designed in our time in contrast to the traditional clothing for women in muslim cultures . Many Islam countries have therefore restricted its use, writes the author in exile Walid al-Kubaisi from Iraq. If the Islamists in Norway manage to make the hijab tantamount to Islam religion they will have gained a victory in the west that they have not managed in the muslim world, he says.


  9. Jake says:

    I’m looking for examples of female police wearing hijab in muslim countries. But, I’m having a hard time finding any :\

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Also, I would like to know how many predominantly muslim countries allow women to become police (active patrolling police duty that is, not desk jobs). Can you please provide links to pictures of female police officers in a muslim country, wearing hijab?

  10. […] ago I posted a link to an article about Keltoum Hasnaoui Missoum and her dream to become a “police woman”. Mrs. Hasanaoui actually wrote a letter […]

  11. Frenk Herals says:

    To Jake:
    There are alot of active police women in almost al of dominantly muslim countries if you want concrete exampes. I suppose you know Iranian Female polices who are very actively on patron. You can check it from the below address.


    Also, here u can see some pictures of Malaysian Female policies with hijab


    I suppose there are more in other musim countries but I do not want to fil out here with links, you can check them simpy googling female polices in certain countries.

    Good luck

    Best Regards

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