Lovely hijab / jilbab style

In Indonesia I think they call hijab jilbab. In that case, and if these pictures are from there (I’m in doubt whether these are from Indonesia or Malaysia), these pictures are exellent examples of jilbab fashion:

I’m loving it no matter where it’s from. Readers, some help please; where are these pics from? Indonesia or Malaysia? And for those who don’t know, are you loving the outfits?

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12 thoughts on “Lovely hijab / jilbab style

  1. amme says:

    this came from indonesia..

  2. hani says:

    yes, i suspect big time this is from indonesia too.

  3. Amani says:


  4. nauwan says:

    how do u doo does scarfzzzz

  5. Dini says:

    Yes it is from Indonesia….. Like me…also from Indonesia…
    Nice to meet you all my sisters 🙂

  6. amalina says:

    definitely indonesia ( i’m from malaysia btw)

  7. rani says:

    i think it’s from indonesia. where did u get these photos anyway?

  8. kati says:

    hawe are you thenk you for this stayl very nice i from of algerien thenk’s

  9. kati says:

    very good this site i have call for you

  10. sinta says:

    it is absolutely from Indonesia

  11. Taty says:

    Yes ! These are from Indonesia’s magazine.
    Can I send you picture about jilbab / hijab trend from Indonesia, so can publish at your blog. I hope more muslimah that are interested using jilbab / hijab.
    (I’m sorry my poor english)

  12. city says:

    just then more to hijab

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