Hijab ideas for Eid

Most of you have probably figured out what to wear and how to tie your hijab for Eid. And if you didn’t, here is something that might give you ideas;

These lovely Turkish wraps are almost as intricate as the Egyptian ones. I loooove the turquoise one.

Which one do you like? Have you found what to wear on Eid?

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14 thoughts on “Hijab ideas for Eid

  1. Muha says:

    Salaam aleikum, and Eid mubarek to those who follow the first observation 🙂

    I have two somali outfits for Eid, alhamdulillah. Got them in the summer. I have hijabs to match too, since non-muslim women will be present at the Eid-celebration.

    For Eid prayers, ofcourse only black abaya and a regular, 150 x 150 square hijab nicely wrapped. 🙂

  2. Habayeb says:

    Yes! i have my eid outfits 😀 😀 Eid Mabrok to u honey! *hugz*

  3. Kate says:

    I like the dark blue hijab the best I think. It is an odd angle of the camera so it looks bigger than It is i think but it is still very pretty.

    I dont have anyone to celebrate Eid with 😦 None of my other family members are Muslim, and there is no Masjid around where i live.

  4. Celeritas says:

    I am wearing a beautiful abaya with the matching sheila. I never wear abaya so its a real change for me. I will wear a hijab outfit underneath so I can change in case no one else is wearing an abaya hehe.

  5. R says:

    Can you please tell me where I can find these hijabs to buy or if they have instructions on how to twrap in this style. This seems almost impossible for me to do but I really want to wrap it that way :(.

  6. jessyz says:

    Eid Mubarak *lots of eid hugs*
    This year is my daughter’s first Eid so she got a new dress, as for me I am just satisfied to have found a spit-up free hijab.

  7. hani says:

    beautiful styles but knowing me its gonna be so time consuming. 😀 So will be doing a 2 scarf wrap only. But still, I love the 2nd and 4th one!

  8. Saliha says:

    I believe these pictures are from ‘Ayse Kuafor’. If you look on her site you can find a lot of inspiration. I tried one of her styles on my sister’s wedding. I took a plain purple satin scarf, wrapped it like a spanish hijab but covered the neck with the remaining ends. Then I made a hairband with a piece of black organza. The ends of the fabric were then pinned and sewed at the ear in the shape of a flower. You can finish the look with a nice brooch, flower or anything decorative.

    Eid Mubarak!!

  9. Candice says:

    I love them, especially the bottom 2 (both the colours and designs of those). Must be so hard to do though!!

  10. Mafaza says:

    these are very cut & i think it is very uncommon in Srilanka.. please explain me the way of wrapping clearly. waiting for the reply soon i will be very thankful to you all.

  11. Mafaza says:

    this is my email mafaza_mafahir@yahoo.com eagerly waiting for it

  12. rema atiah says:

    these are nice hijabs and i looked these i think in the hijabgirl site.

  13. hadiya says:

    can any1 please tell me how to wreap those hijabs they are gorgeous my email is sweet_hadiya@hotmail.co.uk nd ill b very grateful to any1 hu does
    thnx * lots of hugs * eagerly w8tin 4 it!

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