Design inspired by the hijab

A lot of international designers have been flirting with the Orient and the hijab over the last couple of years. Here is from John Galliano’s S/S 08′ collection.

Yup, it’s very far from hijab as it should be, but it’s interesting to see the headscarf on international catwalks. Hopefully we can see real hijab collections there soon as well.

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Design inspired by the hijab

  1. magnil says:

    Hi! (This is not a comment to this specific blog-post, but a general question)
    I’m in love with headscarves, especially hijab-style, and I regularly read your blog for inspiration. I’m not Muslim, do you as a Muslim think of me as blaspheme or something if I wear headscarves inspired by hijab? I’m a bit worried about this, I don’t want to offend anyone, and I just think hijabs can be very cool.

  2. naeemah says:


  3. zaenab says:

    magnil- noo! you can wear what you like, i think its good you like hijab style 😀

  4. caraboska says:

    There is just so much more to hijab than just the head scarf. So much of it has to do with how one carries oneself underneath one’s clothing. It is possible to carry oneself in a modest manner in a mini-skirt, although it can lead to some very amusing misunderstandings.

    See, there’s a certain type of guy with a warped mind who can’t imagine that every woman (especially one who dresses in a mini skirt) isn’t out to please him, so that if he sees a woman walking down the street in a mini who doesn’t look appealing (even though she is in good shape), he thinks the problem is she was trying but not succeeding, when in fact she wasn’t even trying at all.

    So even if one is capable of looking modest in a mini, it’s probably not worth the trouble, even if your religion doesn’t specifically prohibit that type of clothing.

    On the other hand, it is entirely possible to be covered head to toe – probably even in niqab with the double-screen number over the eyes – and carry one’s body in a way that reveals entirely too much. I admit to finding it disturbing, for example, how much the poses and the general way that the models carry themselves in Islamic fashion shows resembles the sort of thing we see here.

    Of course, one could say it is a bit of trouble to always be conscious of the way one carries oneself. There is much to be said, for example, for always standing up very straight. See, body language experts tells us that if people stand in certain ways, with their spines curved in a certain way – which way depends on whether the person is male or female – it will convey messages of a kind that should only be conveyed to one’s spouse. That can all be avoided by making sure to stand up very straight at all times.

    And there really is much to be said also for lowering one’s gaze. Quite aside from it being in the Qur’an, it quite simply makes it a lot easier to send only the right kind of signals by one’s demeanor.

    So maybe we can learn what to do by analyzing what worldly people (as we would call them in the circles I travel in, probably in Islamic circles one could call them ”people from the Jahiliyyah’, or something to that effect) are doing with their bodies – and then do the opposite 😉

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