Italian hijab fashion online soon!

Just found an article today about an Italian convert that will launch her islamic fashion line online soon.

Verona, 3 Oct. (AKI) – Muslim women around the world will be able to buy fine Italian clothing in the first Islamic fashion store to be launched online on Tuesday.

The site is being launched by a young Italian Muslim convert who runs her own fashion business near Verona in the country’s north.

“I make clothes based on the Islamic model that respects Muslim demands based on the (Islamic) Sharia law and also compatible with Italian fashion,” said Giorgia Caliari, in an interview with Adnkronos International (AKI).

“By doing this, I intend to fulfil the needs of the sisters that live in Europe,” said Caliari, now known by her Muslim last name Afnan after converting to Islam seven years ago.

Afnan said that she is designing long coats that reach the knee, as well as dresses that go with the hijab, or Islamic headscarf.

“Right now I do not sell the Niqab (veil that covers the face) for a problem of practicality. I personally do not use it because I use the hijab, and thus I do not know about its suitability.”

Afnan runs her own small business in the northern Italian town of Caselle di Sommacampagna near Verona. A local tailor in her in town produces the clothes to her specifications.

“Mine is the first Islamic clothing store produced in our country, and I hope this gives rise to other entrepreneurial initiatives like mine, that have as an aim, to help Muslims live their lives in respect of their faith, compatible with the rules of this country,” said Afnan. Read full article here.

Girls, I’m excited to see how this will turn out. Do you think it will be a success or a failure? I hope she got her taste right, as many islamic clothing sites lack of it…

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7 thoughts on “Italian hijab fashion online soon!

  1. zaenab says:

    wow im so excited! keep us posted pleeease! i reallllly love your blog btw its so interesting lol 😀

  2. […] An Italian Muslim fashion label will soon make its debut online. Via The Hijablog. […]

  3. caraboska says:

    Oh yes, please do post the URL once she does go live with this – definitely gotta see it!

  4. Noora says:

    its really really agreat idea….. i had it since long time but u can say am a bit lazy… hope all the best for your new business…. and i’ll be your biggest buyer ;P

    hope to see your new collection soon.

  5. caraboska says:

    She’s online! Here’s the address:

  6. Assalamualeikum wa rahmat wa barakatu dear sisters, I am Giorgia Afnan and i’m very happy to meet you in this blog, speaking about my islamic fashion.
    I am waiting for you on my shop online, insha’Allah Ta’ala.
    Barak Allahu fikun.

  7. Gemala says:

    Assalamualaikum wbt

    Mashallah, great job Sister Afnan… kindly update me, from Malaysia… on your Fashion Week.. Am so impressed our new sister to be so entrepreneur in line of business most highly encouraged by our Prophet Mohammad saw.


    Sr Gem

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