Swedish hijab style, yet again

There is a fact, when it comes to most trends, Swedes always catch it long before Norwegians do. They are more successful with music and with fashion, and even with furniture (ABBA, H&M, IKEA)… No wonder trendy hijab has hit much harder there than here!

Wow! I mean some of this is close to Egyptian standards 😛

Kholod, I know you know many of these girls, tell them that I really love their style! Especially the one of Mejsa Chaaraoui, she rocks. Mejsa is a hijab stylist! Like Sweden has got hijab stylists.

I mean we have got the hijab designing Badrkhans, but no offence, their design is not the hippest or most flattering around. Still it’s good. Positive focus on hijab in the media can’t be bad…

What do you think about the style? Is Sweden catching up with hijab fashion on an international level???

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12 thoughts on “Swedish hijab style, yet again

  1. Kate says:

    I really like the mustard yellow hijab, I like how it looks and it looks nice but so simple.

  2. naeemah says:

    These are so pretty!

  3. Candice says:

    My fave is also the bottom yellow one. Very classy and simple look. For special occaisions the black and blue one looks great. Still has that simple style with not-so-simple embellishing. 🙂

  4. Kholod says:

    Sweet Basbousa….
    I sure will tell Mejsa about her international reputation on the net! :))
    She is talented, isn’t she?! with an elegant sense of style!
    Believe me my friend, she can create an amazing and admirable stylish outfit of simple H&M clothes bought on sale along with some accessories!
    Tow summers ago she attended make up artist courses in Beirut to add to her career as a stylist.


  5. hani says:

    love all of them but the mustard is really nice for an everyday look.

  6. Nina says:

    i really love the two last ones, the purple turban-look and the mustard. i would see myself in them 🙂 i´m from finland and i´d want to see some of that scandinavian creativity in here too 😀 i´m working on it myself 😉
    and i also wanted to say that i like your blog very much and i´m visiting it every single day for new posts. keep up the good work!:)

  7. Hijab Chic says:

    I also like the yellow one, though I’m not sure if I would wear it.
    I guess it wouldn’t look that good against my skincolor and my blonde eyebrows, but it sure works for darker sisters.

    The 3rd one was also pretty 🙂

    I’m also from Finland and I think it’s cool to see some Scandinavian hijabstyles presented here.

    BTW – that scarf (the yellow one) is from H&M 🙂 It’s also available in other colors.

  8. caraboska says:

    I don’t look great in purple, so I’d want to do a different color scheme, but I really like the styling on that purple one A LOT. Not too complicated but elegant.

  9. soumia says:

    i like the third one with black and bleu is really pretty

  10. Hijab101 says:

    Salaam Alaikum Sisters,

    I really like the blue and black hijab on the Right (second row). Was it purchased with the beadwork already attached? If so, where can you purchase them online. If she created this style herself, could someone guide me as to how to style it as so. Thank you…

  11. amira mohsen says:

    dey so cool!!

  12. coverista says:

    Hey there is à new designer that design clothes for modern muslim women check her out at www. Coverista.com her name is Iman Aldebe

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