Hana Sadiq – Iraqi fashion

Hana Sasiq is an Iraqi designer based in Jordan. Her folkloric desigs has won her a lot of prizes and awards. It’s difficult not to like her colorful and intricate designs. Much of it is fit for hijab too 🙂

I just love her designs, and there is much more to it… Visit her site to see much much more of her beautiful and interesting designs!

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Hana Sadiq – Iraqi fashion

  1. shehejaan says:

    hy here is a good collection and information about hijabi fashion i love hijab and i have inspired for this site.

  2. hani says:

    ooh the last one! love it.

  3. caraboska says:

    Mega super cool beans! (Forgive my 1980s English 🙂 ). This sort of thing is 1) the reason I have taken to reading this blog every day 2) the kind of stuff I’d gladly walk around in – if she’s in a position to handle my size requirements, and once I organize the funds necessary.

    I mean, I can’t imagine she’s charging only 50 USD for those dresses – probably around 10 times that, if not more, I would think. And given the kind of time and effort necessary to do all that embellishment, it would be obscene and exploitive to pay much less…

  4. miss bari says:

    I would like to know where this kaftan is available. Online? Are there Hana Sadiq clothing boutiques somewhere? There is lots of information on her fashion show, blogs and such, however very little about where one can find her collections and purchase them.

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