Highly artistic hijab

This picture fascinates me. The hijab looks sooo artistic. I do not think it will look as nice in reality though.

Would you wear something as colorful as this?

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15 thoughts on “Highly artistic hijab

  1. hani says:

    hehe, I have a rainbow coloured rectangular satin hijab i have yet to wear. Perhaps with a black outfit to jazz it up?

  2. mardy says:

    is this a mannequin or a real person? i would wear the orange scarf inside but not the green one outside.. too flashy!

  3. Hananita says:

    Wow.. that’s a powerful and beautiful. Her cold face goes with the cold wall.. and the colors are just popping out… just.. wow.

  4. Hananita says:

    lol the word picture dropped of :/ meant to say.. that’s a powerful and a beautiful PICTURE*

  5. Hana says:

    Yup, I definitely would. But with a more natural looking face.

  6. Yes, I would. I actually have a brown version of this hijab. (The main color is brown but it has the brighter colors in it).

  7. caraboska says:

    You know, mardy, I wondered the same thing – is that a real person or a mannequin? I like lots of bold color just fine. The problem with this particular color scheme is that I tend to prefer colors that actually appear in nature – these are a bit too… fluorescent.

  8. M.J. says:

    yes, definately!

  9. Muha says:

    I think it is a person, but with a photoshopped face.

  10. Saliha says:

    I love how it looks on the girl/mannequin, but these colours tend to wash me out (light green, fluorescent). In general I’m not afraid to wear colour though. I have two different colours of that hijab. A plain light blue one and a purple and blue one. I bought them from a native american shop in Brussels. They have a very wide and beautiful colour range, and a special shine and effect as you can see on the picture.

  11. Candice says:

    I looove the colours. I’d wear something that bright, as long as the colour looked nice on my skin :p

  12. Mina says:

    Actually I have a hijab similar to this in orange n green…
    very bright, wore it a couple of times then got bored of it hehe!!!

    Not an everyday thing

  13. aisha says:

    yes i can wear that but eith a black or navy blue out fit

  14. Raaz says:

    That model… is she real? 😐 she looks like she’s made of porcelain…kinda freaky…very freaky…

  15. atmantalks says:

    That model would be me, and back then I wasn’t that good with photoshop, thats why my face looks so plastic-y 🙂
    And these colors will suit any type of skin I guess, the brighter the happier imo. Ofcourse it’s waay different story about getting too much attention.

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