Noblesse Oblige – New collection and sale!

I just received a newsletter from Noblesse Oblige, saying that they have an exciting new limited edition collection of fabulous Abayas just in.

Not just that, they are having a sale with discounts on the limited edition summer abayas too, so if you are lucky enough to live in Doha, Qatar, you can get your hands on these discounted designs. Here are the discount abayas:

Also introduced in their boutique is Katherine Kwei handbags , exclusive only in Qatar to Noblesse Oblige boutique, this is supposed to be the latest “must have” of the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria. Check out their website for more glam abaya style.

What do you think? Wish you were there?

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3 thoughts on “Noblesse Oblige – New collection and sale!

  1. caraboska says:

    You know something, reading this blog regularly has definitely caused me to put taking a trip to places like Dubai, Qatar, maybe even Jiddah on my to-do list – for purposes of acquiring new, modest wardrobe items (wonder how that will go over if I walk into the Saudi Embassy where I am and ask for a visa for a single woman to travel there for such a purpose?)

    The Noblesse Oblige folks have a very interesting abaya design that I have not seen elsewhere, which allows you to push the sleeves back and lay them on your shoulders if you need them out of the way, but then when you need coverage, you can put them back down again.

    But I must say, in their ‘about’ section, they use the word ‘catwalk’ – and not without reason. Their models are catwalk models. Not a hint of modesty – Islamic or otherwise. Prime examples of something I have written about elsewhere, that there is so much more to hijab than just how much one has covered…

  2. eyva says:

    is beautiful

  3. Marwa says:

    very nice 3abayh ..
    me want to knw how can make an order ?

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