Turkish dresses with hijab

Some of you might remember those dresses with hijab that I posted some days back that I thought looked quite old style upper class Eastern European. Well they were Turkish, and here is more of the same, except it’s much less Eastern European looking (the 1st and the 5th is still looks somewhat Eastern European royality or noblewoman to me);

What do you think about these dresses?

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26 thoughts on “Turkish dresses with hijab

  1. caraboska says:

    The Turks did indeed at certain points in history have significant contacts with Eastern Europe.

    Some of these areas are now mostly Roman Catholic, but to this day you can even find isolated buildings in certain cities where there is a tower with a crescent moon on top which looks just too… functional to have been just decoration, you have to think that once upon a time, a muezzin probably called the adhan from them. I in fact live within walking distance of such a building…

    But I am thinking that this influence could well have extended to the way people dressed, as well. In other words, I’m not super surprised to hear that the dresses turned out to be Turkish.

  2. Amani says:

    yuk these dresses look like wedding cakes lol its nice for display but not for wear

  3. saliha says:

    I only like number one and two. Th rest is just too much and to be honest there’s nothing Turkish about the meringue dresses. If you want to see traditional Turkish dresses google ‘osmanlimoda’ or ‘bala couture’. You will find typical Ottoman caftans (abiye/bindalli). Hocazade has a lot of these caftans on their website too. Just some tips ;-).

  4. basbousa says:

    Saliha, I have already posted styles from bala couture, but thanks for the tip. I agree, the dresses from Bala are 100 times nicer

  5. Hi we are a new hijab fashion blog. You are invited to take a look! eid mubarak

  6. naeemah says:

    Lol, to be honest I really don’t like any of them:-)

  7. Hana says:

    Umm..I’m past my ballgown phase 🙂

  8. caraboska says:

    PS If I had to pick one of these, it’d be the one in the upper left hand corner. Seems to me it conceals the figure the best. But absolutely, bala or osmanli are better, I agree…

  9. floe says:

    This is like wedding dress, this girl like cookis, or flover.

    But, in Sarajevo we have shop Tekbir, and stuff like this, end are women purchased this dress, or some like this, for weddig, or for some occassion , like occassion for Bajram i.e. eid.

  10. Celeritas says:

    I love the purple one at the top, I don’t mind OTT hijabi gowns. There are heaps of Western couture that is OTT we can do it too! Imagine sisters’ attending a hijabi only prom dressed up like this, that would be wonderful.

  11. floe says:

    no daubt 🙂

  12. M.J. says:

    one screams easter

  13. cecilia says:

    I think they are beautiful

  14. caraboska says:

    Easter???? I happen to be a Christian, it would not even cross my mind to wear any of those items specifically for Easter! Or have I misunderstood your meaning?

  15. I say Queen Amidala/cake topper: D.

  16. I think she means easter as in coloured eggs not Christ on a cross easter

  17. caraboska says:

    Oh, Pixie, right, I had completely forgotten about Easter eggs! By some miracle Alhamdulillah I have managed, in a country that is 95% Catholic, to travel in circles where this sort of thing is not practiced 😀 I mean, not that I have anything against painted eggs as an art form in itself, but let’s not fool ourselves that it’s ‘just art’ for those who practice the ‘Easter egg’ tradition.

    It’s a tricky issue, because there are folks who practice this tradition with (at least consciously) pure intentions, and figure that that’s what matters – so that it is not important that it was practiced by pagans as a fertility type thing long before Christianity entered the picture in their geographic location – but for others it’s a pagan innovation and they don’t countenance it.

    Now that I think about it, it’s very sad if painted eggs are the first thing that comes to mind when people think of Easter. I mean, Christians are called ‘People of the Book’ for a reason, and this Easter egg business doesn’t seem very Bookish, if you get my drift…

  18. caraboska says:

    PS I quite agree with you – these outfits are suitable as cake toppers 😀

  19. Nodda says:

    Well i have som doubts about the name of these dresss “Turkish dresses.. the first two one are fitting the name but the rest…. they are nice but little bit old fashioneble and looking like more theatrical costumes……

  20. Cc says:

    i love d 1st one only ^_____^

  21. samia says:

    J aimerais connaitre les prix et le lieu de la vente

  22. Monica says:

    These fashions are nice. But They are overly decorated and the colors are horrible. The first two i like. The Ballgowns…well they just have to much going on. If they were a little more simple and a more subdued color…they would look elegant.

    As one of your comments stated that they looked like a wedding cake and I agree. The 5th dress in burgandy is lovely, if it had a little less decoration to it…beautiful in deed.

  23. Hiba says:

    Please i will like to know how much the dresses cost?and how i can buy them

  24. desaray says:

    i think its beautiful…….nd i want one so badly…can u tell where can i find one for ma 17th bday……nd wants one tooo. and adrienne wanst one too….

  25. aysha says:

    i love these dresses ther’re the most beautifulist dresses in the whole entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. raima says:

    ds dresses are awesome…but it looks like d dresses wore on d barbie doll..stil its beautiful and d designer is very creative..keep it up..

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