October is the month of breast cancer awareness, and with that in mind, I want you all to consider wearing a pink hijab this October 29th in solidarity and support of the women batteling this horrible cancer.

The Pink hijab day initiative started in North America,  but this year we can make it an international event. Breast cancer is an issue that can affect all of us, so lets fight it. No matter where in the world you are, put your pink scarf on October the 29th.

Toronto Star about the PINK HIJAB DAY

Please support the breast cancer research by making donations to your national cancer foundation.

No matter what style or shade you prefer; go PINK October 29th

Breast Cancer and Pink hijab day resources;

Global Pink Hijab Day on Facebook

Susan G Komen for the Cure (make donations)

Breast Cancer Info

The breast cancer site – Shop or donate to help less fortunate women get the care they need

Please visit the links, spread the word, and again, do wear your pink hijab October 29th! Will you wear pink hijab October 29th???

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  1. Celeritas says:

    It’s a work day so I wouldn’t normally wear a colour like pink but I will try. My mum is a breast cancer survivor so I shall try inshallah.

  2. Kate says:

    I have to buy a pink hijab first! but i will defiantly try

  3. floe says:

    Is it the 26th or the 29th??

  4. caraboska says:

    Thank you so much for thinking of this. I am a survivor, and so are many friends and even customers. It’s a good reminder to be more activist to get people to engage in early detection, as well as to improve the lot of those who are currently going through treatment.

  5. floe says:

    I have some dilemma, I am sory, bat I must say last year pink hijab day have been in 26. octobar, in hire you have two diferent date 26 and 29.

    I ask this,because I wont publish this on my blog,end I want send this in our newspaper.

    This is wery good idea, my english is bed, end I don’t no expres my filing, I am sory :(.
    Tenks, kiss

  6. Habayeb says:

    I’d definitely wear pink hijab that day insha’allah however yeah, i do need to buy one too!

  7. basbousa says:

    FLOE – I saw that… Typo. Earlier years (at least last year) pink hijab day was held October 26th. This year it looks like it will be held October 29th

  8. floe says:

    Thank you basbousa :kiss

  9. gishmora says:

    I am all for the pink hijab day.

  10. basbousa says:

    caraboska, I’m happy to hear that you, with the help of God, managed to defeat this illness.

  11. mia says:

    most definitely. my aunt died of this illness. my bestfren’s mom was a survivor and another fren’s mom was just been diagnosed today… the least we can do now is giving some support the fight. i’ll get all my girlfrens to wear pink hijab 🙂

  12. Zainab says:

    oh wow i think this is a lovely idea …ill wear pink defo!!!

  13. Saliha says:

    I will wear a pink hijab that day insha’Allah. Any hijabi suits at least one shade of pink. 😉

  14. Katie says:

    Did you know that you can send a text message to help cure Breast Cancer? mGive (text) ‘KOMEN’ to 90999 to donate $5 to Susan G. Komen For The Cure! Spread the word!

  15. ahysa says:

    aw……thats too bad. i missed it, saw the post too late. gah.
    but great idea though!

  16. caraboska says:


    Thank you so much for reminding me to give glory to God. Surely it is He Who makes the ultimate decision about the details of our lives. In the end, He decides how far a cancer will or will not go. In the end, He decides how long we will live. And all the rest. Subhanallah!

    Assalaamu alaykum

  17. Nadia says:

    you may purchase a pink hijab online at It is not yet advertised on the website , but the hijabs are in stock and you may place your order through

  18. Nadia says:

    We are having a pink hijab week in quebec (canada) week of Oct. 18th to 25th. I am glad to see we we are not the only ones.

    5$ from every pink hijab sold will go directly to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. Pitch in with your friends to purchase your hijabs online… that way, you will save on shipping.

  19. Raeesa says:

    Great course, I am in full support of it!!!Please get in touch with me with any further information,

  20. […] Read my older post about the pink hijab day here. Will you wear the pink hijab tomorrow? […]

  21. ruralmuslimah says:

    wearing pink and blogged on it tooooooooo!

  22. Think Pink Bahrain in association with the PWA organsied 300 female students at the Pakistan School in Bahrain, to form the shape of the ribbon whilst wearing pink head scarf’s. This was the highlight of our 2008 campaign, and was in line with Global Pink Hijab Day on the 29th of October.

    • Nasima says:

      In South Africa, I initiated a campaign via the organisation I work with to sponsor over 4000 pink Hijabs to schools and clients. This intiative was very successfull and well received by the media and public. I further went to sponsor a High tea, with a local cancer association and again we sponsored pink hijaabs, the response was so great that we had many organisations requesting us to sponsor hijabs on the day. I would like to work with individuals in other countries this year in the same regard so we can share ideas. Please contact me. Salaams to All of you.

      Nasima Sayeed-Mullah- 27 79 529 5897 ( mobile number)

  23. aljwhara says:

    whats going on in here!

  24. zakiyah says:

    I wil try! Thank you for trying to organise this it’s great

  25. Ruhma says:

    I will try…

  26. Ruhma says:

    why did i end up with the brown icon :O

  27. Zakiya says:

    The official website says pink hijab day is on the 28th Oct.

  28. dee says:

    I just know about this. Can someone explain to me about the history of the pink hijab day? if its good, i will support, but i must know b4. thx

  29. Ahmed says:

    Asalamuwa alaykum. May Allaah make it easy for those with any form of cancer and cure them, aameen.

    Before we jupm up and think something is a good idea to do, we musy first see if is something that will be pleasin to Allaah and in line with the sunnah of His final Messenger salalaho alayhiwasalam. I would be interested in a qs being ask to the orthodox sunni scholars who are known to refer to the understanding of the first / early muslims. The qs shud be on thie issue of cancer and using this method to increase awareness amongst women and others.

    Women in Islam are permitted to where different colours but this shouldnt be to attract attention. Tabaruj is something the classical scholars warned against and is mentioned in The Quran.

    If i understand correctly, yhe aim of this campain is to attract additional attention thru the pink colour, appart from showing you are a believing woman. I believe this wud be incorrect but Allaah knows best. Allaah says in The Quran “As the people of rememberence if u dnt know…” So we shud ask before acting. In Islam knowledge proceeds action. For example, we dnt gues how to pray salaht then pray it in our own method because we think worship is a good idea, and then after wards seek how it is to be performed within the islamic guidlines. similarly, we shud find our if this pink hijaab day is permitted.

    Please reflect on this. please take care.. asalamuwa alaykum

  30. sinthia says:

    yes.. i wear it..^O^

  31. hijabisister4eva says:

    salaam , can someone please tell me who is the lady in the first picture

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