Hijab Harmony of Fashionese Daily

Earlier this month one of the fashion bloggers at Fashionese Daily posted this pic of a happy Muslim mama;

They thought she looked stylish and classy, something I agree on, except from maybe the tights (not enough cover for me).. I love the way she carries her little one around in a sling! Cute.

What do you think?

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19 thoughts on “Hijab Harmony of Fashionese Daily

  1. Candice says:

    I think she does look cute. I love the sling! And the tights don’t bother me at all. Well, I wouldn’t be bothered even if she was wearing a mini-dress with the tights, but I mean that hijbaically (errr… let’s imagine it’s a word), I find it okay

  2. Muha says:

    I love to see other muslimahs wear their babies. We almost never used stroller for the first year with our youngest, its the best choice we ever made. i know a few muslimahs carrying their babies in Oslo, but I never seen anyone here, almost.

    Not my favourite sling though, I prefer the elastic shawls though hehe…

  3. Idon’t find it okay,maybe she does look cute,but that is not ”hijabcally”….
    If i post this picture on my blog,every sister will say ”what is it??This is not hijab””This is cartoon,tradition is this,but hijab no”””
    Salam for you!

  4. Kate says:

    I dont like her dress very much. I dont think it is hijab very much. but that is just me. I respect her ideas though. she does look cute. It is just a style i wouldn’t wear 🙂 and not having kids i have no say in the sling because i haven’t worn one, but my dad carried me around like that for my first baby times until i was probably 1.

  5. EI says:

    I LOVE IT!! It’s really hard to find a long dress that’s cute and stylish, so I think she does a great job of balancing a dress that is modest with the hijab, even if it is a little short. Nice touch with adorable heels and that sling is the only way to go!

  6. Subhanallah!bUT,what we can do??We don’t thinh on the same way..Becouse of that we are here…Inshaallah we will understand what is hijab,and what it is not…

  7. Muha says:

    I do not think what she is wearing is hijab, but still, she apears to others as a muslimah, and I love muslimahs who sling their babies, maybe it can make it more known and more normal among muslims to carry their babies.

    When I say that, I mean muslims in the west hehe, it is normal in other countries, I know… I have meet SO MUCH prejudice from muslims, for wearing my babies… And not to mention my husband…. All the crap he had to take for using slings… From MUSLIMS.

  8. basbousa says:

    Hey, Bosnian Hijab, I think you are going a little bit far in critizising my posts. It’s like, most the sisters here think that the dress is short, yes, so we do not disagree with you on that. But, this is a fashion blog too, and I will post whatever similar to hijab that people here might or might not like or get inspired by.

    You know, Western fashion magazines post stuff that nobody can wear too, only for the inspiration. This dress is not bad at all if it was all long or she wore loose pants underneath.

  9. Saliha says:

    Salaam Aleikoum Bosnian Hijab Girl,

    I think Basbousa is doing a great job with this blog. Yes, some of the pics are not hijab appropriate, but she always mentions they are just for INSPIRATION purposes, sometimes she even says how to make it more modest for example substitute wide leg jeans for skinny jeans etc. I think we’re all smart enough to know what’s okay to wear and what’s not, and we’re free to adapt it to our own standards. A lot of ideas on this blog have been so useful for me personally. That said, most of the pics on this site are still more modest/appropriate than what I see daily on the Belgian street.

  10. zaenab says:

    i like it, id wear it with some boots to sort out the bottom, dont think it needs trousers, its pretty modest already

  11. zaenab says:

    i like it, id wear it with some boots to sort out the bottom, dont think it needs trousers, its pretty modest already.

  12. zaenab says:

    oh sorry dint mean to post that twice!

  13. oK
    sISTERS ,You know what is hijab,and i am very glad becouse of that…..

  14. Mika says:

    fiuuh.. between like or dislike, it’s too subjective and multiinterpretatives matter.

    whatsoever, i always appreciate women in hijab despite on covering this or that.. coz i always believe in process, don’t you think?

    working women in hijab with carrying her baby, is there anything else??
    may inspire lots muslimah..

  15. DYS says:

    hello.. nice to see all the comments here.. i highly appreciate to see my fellow moslem sisters showing their own pros and cons as a form of brainstorming and exchanging ideas, which totally describe how democratic our religion is, and how we actually respect female point of views, contrary to what western media always portrays us.

    this is just my two cents *not trying to lit any fire:
    In most big cities in Indonesia, the way that this woman is wearing, is pretty modest and appropriate for a young moderate muslim working woman and mother. We do also have some other moslem sisters who choose to wear the appropriate way of Muslim dressing. Both are considered pretty much descent and acceptable, as long as they cover their head/hair and wearing loose outfit, people would always give them their highest respect, regardless the way they choose to follow without having to fear of any unnecessary harassment.
    Pls do also remember how humid is the weather in Indonesia all year long, and I agree on how she balances her choice in wearing the dark opaque tights underneath her oversized over-the-knee dress.

    If you spare a moment to read the original post, this woman works in a local creative online marketing firm which should be quite a fast-pace working environment. Her choice of dress, the colors of her hijab and her baby carrier (sling) definitely reflect the working environment she’s in. On top of that, I appreciate her ability to balance her work, her baby, and her faith.

    Keep up the good work, The Hijablog 🙂

  16. Mika says:

    yet.. we got the answer tho, DYS make full understandable post

  17. Susi says:

    The dress is made of batik from Cirebon, on the north coast of Java. Cirebon batik is very distinctive and very beautiful (also expensive). I love it.

    Cirebon is a very interesting place, with it’s own language distinct from Javanese and Sundanese (neighbouring languages). The culture is a blend of influences, including historical ones from China and the Arab world. It is a very interesting place to visit if you happen to travel to Indonesia. It’s not too far from Jakarta.

    On my textiles website, there is an unusual example of Cirebon batik, in case you’re interesting. The site is macantidurtextiles.com and you are most welcome to visit it anytime!

  18. Salwa says:

    awww mashallah now i want babies loool 😀
    hmmm tights and short sleeves? hmmm thats all ill say. thats not hijab. but the baby is cute mashallah 🙂

  19. Melda says:

    Assalamu alaikum

    ok, this is not hijab but that’s not the point, I think every sister here knows (or should know)that!

    I just don’t like the style. The only thing i DO like is the color of her hijab and the sling lol sorry, just my humble opinion! I would never ever wear an outfit like that, the color of her shoes dont match with the rest of her outfit..ugh lol i’ll be shuttin up now! 😛

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