Feathery hijab

The “Spanish wrap” using feathers, anyone?

I have only one thing to say: Poor birds.

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7 thoughts on “Feathery hijab

  1. Kate says:

    That is very ugly. Even for modeling :))

  2. You post the most amazing hijabs and those Moroccan takchitas??? WOW i need to find a way to order one, I dont know when or where I will wear it but they are beautiful.. The bird hijab is….well….different!
    Good job on your blog and your uniqueness!

  3. caraboska says:

    At first I laughed – pretty loudly, actually – but then when I got to the part about ‘poor birds’, I realized it wasn’t funny at all… I’m going to not look at it anymore, so I won’t be tempted.

  4. Muha says:

    This just prooves that not everything that goes on the head, is a hijab 😀

  5. Saarah says:

    Are those…beetles on her face??

  6. Salwa says:

    wow this si very artistic.
    im arty myself but this is soemthign else.
    it looks abit scarey especially the part on her face.
    oooh im moroccan and i own many tacshitas in my wardrobe 😀
    in all colours and fabrics. ummm to be honest with you.
    wallahi its better for you to buy from morocco. have one made thier with your measurments and your design you pick what you want and its made to a high standard. if you order them from net they charge you like £200 when in morocco you can buy material (at least 4 meters for £25) and have the dress made by an experinced dress maker for about £30 within 2 weeks. i do it every year i go.
    i never buy already made dresses or off the net, they are never good quality and start to fall apart (experince)
    make a trip to morocco its a nice place and buy yourself some bargins and beautiful tacshitas 😀

    jazakallah khier

  7. fozia says:

    i think it looks beautiful, from an art perspective. its different and unique.

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